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2021 Ukraine Global Money Week


  • National Bank of Ukraine


  • 291 organisations in total, among them Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Deposit Guarantee Fund, USAID Financial Sector Transformation Project, Peace Corps Ukraine; PrivatBank, Oschadbank; Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman; Chernihiv Polytechnic National University; Sumy State University; Banking University; Irpin State College of Economics and Law; Professional College of Mykolayiv National University named after V.O. Sukhomlynsky; Kharkiv National University named after V.N. Karazin; Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv; Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University; Khmelnytsky Polytechnic Vocational College of Lviv Polytechnic National University; Cherkasy State Technological University; Chernivtsi Vocational College of Technology and Design; Vilnotereshkivska comprehensive school of I-III grades named after І.М. Volochaya Pishchanska; Zhytomyr secondary school of I-III degrees №26; Klishkivtsi gymnasium; Marhanets comprehensive school of I-III degrees №5, Dnipropetrovsk region; Pidvolochysk comprehensive school of I-III degrees, Ternopil region; Romny comprehensive school of I-III degrees № 11, Sumy region; Kherson Lyceum of the Kherson Regional Council; Cherkasy institution of general secondary education of Cherkasy village council of Novomoskovsk district of Dnipropetrovsk region; Shepetivka specialized secondary school of I-III degrees №2, Khmelnytsky region; School of I-III degrees №163 named after M. Kirponos, Kyiv etc.


  • 291


  • 40,000


  • 5,000


  • 250,000

2021 marked the eight time when Ukraine participated in the Global Money Week celebrations. The National Bank of Ukraine coordinated GMW campaign together with partners from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, USAID Financial Sector Transformation Project, the Deposit Guarantee Fund, different educational institutions, commercial banks, nonbank financial institutions, NGOs, and representatives of local businesses.

In 2021, Ukraine celebrated Global Money Week for two weeks, with most events held in digital format. The launch of the GMW campaign in Ukraine was held on March 15th. From 15th-21st of March, a range of events and activities for schoolchildren took place, while events for university students were held during March, 22nd-28th.

During the Campaign, the NBU and its partners engaged over 40,000 children and youth in all regions of the country through more than 1,550 events and activities. 291 organisations took part in GMW, including 120 schools, 68 universities, and 63 vocational training institutions.

The main GMW events in Ukraine included interactive financial literacy lessons and webinars, Kahoot! parties, quizzes in social media, financial education games, the first school film competition called “Hryvnia! Camera! Action!”, discussions of books and movies on financial issues, and so much more. Also, meetings with representatives of the NBU, the Deposit Guarantee Fund, banks, insurance companies, and local entrepreneurs took place. Other fun activities were planned such as flash mob challenges called “Dance Like a Moneyman!” and “How We Celebrate GMW2021”, three educational video presentations on “Top 5 Artifacts of the NBU Money Museum”, “What the NBU Does”, and “Our Hryvnia” featuring the

Ukrainian domestic currency’s history, drawing exhibitions, master classes on creating money boxes, essay, poster, and selfie competitions, and school craft fairs.

GMW2021 events and activities received extensive coverage in the press and social media. Through press and media, GMW reached over 250,000 Ukrainians. Ukrainian participants actively highlighted activities on their Facebook and Instagram pages, using hashtags #GlobalMoneyWeek2021, #GMWUkraine2021. Additionally, the NBU launched a special GMW website here, where everyone could find lecture and workshop materials and other educational videos or look for ideas on how to celebrate GMW in an interactive way.

2019 Ukraine Global Money Week


  • Deposit Guarantee Fund Ukraine
  • Gymnasium School No. 27
  • National Bank of Ukraine
  • Okhtyrka Secondary School #1 Okhtyrka City Council Sumy Region
  • State Higher Educational Institution "Banking University"
  • Sumy State University
  • Ternopil National Economic University


  • 12 HEIs, 31 Financial Institutions, 38 Media Organisations, 5 Money Museums, 758 Schools and Universities, CoffeeMan, Eurounitiatives, Family Budget Social Project, Financial Government Ukraine Студія фінансового управління, Institute of Educational Content Modernization;, International Bank, Kredobank, Kyiv Secondary School No, 300, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, National Bank of Ukraine, NGO Міshchanske bratstvo Ternopil, Okhtyrka Central City Library, Oschadbank, Oshchadbank, OTP Bank, PireusBank, Praveksbank, Privatbank, PrivatBank Okhtyrka City, ProCredit Bank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Sumy State Pedagogical University, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, The Independent Association of Banks, Ukreksimbank, Ukrgazbank, Ukrsotsbank, Universal Bank, USAID Financial Sector Transformation Project, Vyshyvanka


  • 185 289


  • 1 025 733

National Bank of Ukraine
Once again, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), in collaboration with its partners, joined the GMW celebrations. This year, the Campaign was celebrated during the entire month of March. NBU encouraged every child to participate in the GMW Countdown Challenge. The Week itself was officially launched by the NBU, along with representatives of the USAID Financial Sector Transformation Project. After the opening ceremony, nearly 100 students from 9 universities located in Ukraine’s capital took part in the game “What? Where? How Much?”, hosted by the NBU. Throughout the Week, children and youth across the country took part in workshops and trainings on how to manage their personal finances and how to save. Additionally, they visited financial institutions and money museums, participated in fairs, moneybox, book and drawing exhibitions, and took part in selfie, poetry and video competitions. The NBU, the Deposit Guarantee Fund, and a banks and non-bank financial institutions held Open Door Days. Additionally, the NBU organised over 100 activities at its office and launched a special GMW website, where everyone could find lectures and workshops materials, or could look up ideas on how to celebrate GMW in an interactive manner. All GMW2019 activities were widely covered by the press and on social media. The NBU and its partners actively promoted the celebration on their social media pages to attract more participants.

Deposit Guarantee Fund Ukraine
Throughout GMW2019, Deposit Guarantee Fund, along with its partners, organised a video competition, on the topic of savings and financial planning. All videos were uploaded online, and the public was asked to vote on what they considered to be the best video. The competition was organised in partnership with the USAID Financial Sector Transformation Project, which provided the prizes for the winners. A special award ceremony was organised for the winners in the DGF Office in Kyiv. Furthermore, financial literacy sessions, including an Economic Quiz for secondary school students, and a lecture for university students were organised.

State Higher Educational Institution "Banking University"
During GMW2019, the State Higher Educational Institution “Banking University”, along with its partners, reached over 1,000 children and youth directly and indirectly, through visits to schools, and organising social events and activities. Throughout the Week, financial literacy awareness sessions were offered to children, youth and adults in schools across the country.

Sumy State University
This year, GMW2019 was launched by the University with a radio and TV show on GMW initiatives, with the Professor and the Head of Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance of SSU, I.O. Schkolnik. Throughout the Week, financial literacy awareness sessions on topics such as “Practical Skills of Economical Consumption”, “Digital Money and Financial Technologies”, and “Practical Skills in Creating Your Own Budget” were offered for children in 18 schools in the Sumy Region. Additionally, economic and interactive games on “Interesting Facts About Money” were organised for children and youth by the University teachers. Young people were able to visit the Money Museum and learn about the history of money. Furthermore, the students had the opportunity to talk to graduates, specialized in the field of banking and entrepreneurship. All students were able to conduct the financial game “Credit Express” for schoolchildren, which was a fun and interesting experience for each age group.

Gymnasium School No. 27
During GMW2019, the Gymnasium School no. 27 organised numerous activities for their students. First, they organised a workshop titled “Electronic Money” to teach the children how to use an ATM. An excursion to the Privatbank was organised. The School organised their own picture competition titled, “Advertising and its types”, and additionally, they participated in the national Ukrainian Competition, “Financial Literacy”.

Ternopil National Economic University
During GMW2019, Ternopil National Economic University, together with its partners, conducted financial literacy events for children and youth. A book fair on financial literacy was organised during which individuals could learn about the achievements of the lecturers of the Department of Finance and the work of domestic and foreign experts in the field of the financial literacy. The young people were able to gain knowledge about money and savings management, i.e. how to earn and manage their own finances. In Ternopil, the lecturers and students - members of the scientific group "Financial Education"- conducted a survey-flash mob on "Moms for financial literacy". Most of the young mothers surveyed, understood the need for financial literacy for their children and for them to be able to properly manage the family budget. Questions about obtaining additional income during paid leave after the childbirth and optimizing the expenses of the family budget were also discussed. During GMW2019, TNEU students and lecturers organised networking event titled "Basics of Personal Budgeting Formation" for students/ Participants of the networking event solved a financial crossword puzzles and practiced the creation of their personal budget in the interactive game "Beginner Basket Budget". A quest, "Financial Races", was conducted for the primary students by the students and lecturers of TNEU. Participants of the quest performed various tasks regarding financial literacy, compiled financial terms from separate syllables and letters of the alphabet, solved financial crosswords and rebuses, puzzles. Throughout GMW2019, a training course, titled "My personal budget" was organised for the students and teachers of secondary schools, where students of TNEU taught basic personal budgeting. Students from the school calculated their personal incomes, planned their expenses, and learnt to save. A student gaming marathon on "Learn! Accumulate! Earn!” was conducted and was the most appreciated event of GMW2019. Student competed in teams in activities on logical thinking, forming an insurance portfolio, answering the questions related to the financial literacy, and dancing their startup at the “Dance Startup Competition”. In order to spread the idea of financial literacy and to encourage children and young people to learn more about money, savings, personal finances and entrepreneurship, TNEU organised a flash mob on Learn! Save! Earn!”.

Okhtyrka Secondary School #1 Okhtyrka City Council Sumy Region
The Okhtyrka Secondary School tried to ensure that both students and adults participated in GMW2019. Volunteers and teachers organised multiple activities, which included financial games, excursions, quests, contests, excursions to the Money Museum and to exhibitions of local departments of banks and libraries. Additionally, students met with representatives of Ukrainian banks and received lectures on financial literacy. Children created piggybanks, participated in selfie challenges, and played the game “Life Equity”. Throughout the Week, the students talked about personal finance, the need and ways of saving money, and had trainings and panel discussions of financial literacy.

2018 Ukraine Global Money Week


  • Ministry of Education and Science, USAID, National Bank of Ukraine, Deposit Guarantee Fund
  • Banking University
  • Ministry of Education and Science / Institute of Modernization of Education
  • Okhtyrka Gymnasium
  • Sumy State University
  • Ternopil National Economic University (Department of Finance)
  • Gymnasium-School №27, Mariupol


  • Department of Education and Science of Sumy City Council, Deposit Guarantee Fund, Choild's Houses of Lviv, First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB), International Bank, International University of Finance, Kyiv National University, Mariupol State University, Department of Economic Relations, National Academy of Culture and Arts Management, Okhtyrka Gymnasium Library, OschadBank, PrivatBank, Okhtyrska Central Library, PireusBank, PrivatBank, Private Collection of Money, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, State Higher Educational Institution (SHEI), State University of Fiscal Service of Ukraine, State University of Infrastructure and Technology, PJSC OTP Bank, PJSC Ukrsibbank, Independent Association of Banks, National Bank of Ukraine Money Museum, Sumy State University, USAID, 3 NGO, 3 media organisations, 31 Universities, 3446 schools


  • 143 342


  • 1 502 901

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Global Money Week 2018 in Ukraine was organised with the support of multiple leading organisations During the Week, 54 organisations and institutions participated in GMW-2018. 34 events and 46 activities were realized successfully - financial games, excursions to museums of money, workshops, thematic lectures, debates in financing etc. The total number of young participants was 6,500. Global Money Week was organised throughout Ukraine due to the Institutes of Banking University in Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv and Cherkasy and other leading and participating organisations.

National Bank of Ukraine
The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) and its partners, organised multiple activities for young people. A GMW website was created especially for the event, where guidelines and materials were posted for public use. Activities, such as economic games and classes on family budget planning, taught children and youth to make their own financial decisions. Young people visited banking institutions, where they learnt about ways of saving money and compared banking products. Representatives of the financial sector held lectures for young people on topics such as financial planning and behavioural economic. Additionally, a tour of the NBU Money Museum was organised. All guests were also invited to visit the State Treasury and the Money Museum. The Deposit Guarantee Fund organised a Financial Literacy video contest. 

Ternopil National Economic University, Department of Finance
Throughout GMW2018, lessons were given on “Money Matters Matter”. Furthermore, students engaged in financial quizzes and games on money. The Week was closed by a round-table on “Interaction of Power, Educators and NGOs for improving of Financial Literacy of youth in Ternopil region” with representatives of the authorities, NGO, schoolteachers, scholars, and students.

Chernihiv National University of Technology
During GMW2018, students and schoolchildren were engaged in various interesting educational events that helped them to better understand the role of savings. GMW in CNUT was opened with a Financial Interactive Game "Steps to Success", which was conducted in the form of a quest. The games helped to raise the level of financial awareness amongst schoolchildren on the importance of money in the modern world. At the end of the event, a discussion on fraud was held for students. Additionally, an Interactive Workshop, “Your Money, Your Future”, was held by Masters students for children, to help them  understand principles of effective money management and personal finance.

Sumy State University
During GMW2018, lecturers conducted trainings on “Financial Literacy for Schoolchildren”. Schoolchildren talked about personal finance, the need and ways to save money. A similar training was held for teachers. Throughout the week visits to the Museum of Money were organised for schoolchildren. A discussion panel on “Cryptology and Blockade: Modern Trends and Problems” was held at the SSU. The speakers of the event were professors and students of the SSU. Additionally, a contest was organised under the theme “I save because…” A project called “Private Bank Library” was launched, aimed to introduce best practices in modern business to students.

Gymnasium-School" №27, Mariupol
The School organised multiple events, which included a financial game to get acquainted with the history of the Ukrainian Hryvnia, an excursion to the Museum of Money, and an exhibition to the Mariupol Local History Museum. Sudents met representatives of the First Ukrainian International Bank and lecturers of the Mariupol State University conducted a lecture on Financial Literacy.

Okhtyrka Gymnasium Sumy Region Ukraine
During the GMW 2018, financial literacy awareness sessions were offered to children and youth. Young people visited the Money Private collection at Okhtyrka Central Library and listened to a lecture on the history of money. Furthermore, gymnasium students had the opportunity to visit the Public Savings Bank, Open Joint-Stock Company "Oschadbank ", and Privatbank in Okhtyrka. A “savings adventure” was organised, where children and youth learnt about savings. A school exhibition on Piggy Banks and Moneysaving boxes was displayed. The Week ended with students attending an interactive class on “Planning your own budget” and attended a lecture on “How to be safe from financial fraudsters”.

2017 Ukraine Global Money Week


  • National Bank of Ukraine
  • Banking University
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
  • Ministry of Finance


  • Institute of Modernization of Education in Ukraine
  • Deposit Guarantee Fund
  • Commercial Court
  • First Ukrainian International Bank
  • PrivatBank secondary schools in Kyiv
  • Museum of Money
  • Lviv
  • Kharkiv and Cherkasy

The Banking University, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Ministry of Finance have participated in Global Money Week since its inception, and 2017 was marked by a variety of activities, such as seminars, lectures, games, and student visits to governmental institutions. Several major events marked the Week, including a meeting between students and the former President of Ukraine and former Governor of the National Bank on March 28th, and visits to the Ministry of Finance and the Higher Agricultural Court of Ukraine.

The National Bank of Ukraine participated in Global Money Week with a variety of activities for the second time. NBU organised an event for students covering the topics of the cashless economy, the history of Ukrainian hryvnia, numismatics, and the protection of money.

There was also a presentation about the project "Hryvnia - our symbol", including clips which showed stories about the history of the hryvnia, and the story of each banknote.

Throughout Global Money Week lectures for schoolchildren and students were held. Additionally, there were daily posts on financial literacy on social networks. During the week, the launch of the page on the site of the National Bank of Ukraine with the history of the hryvnia (historical texts, video clips) was also launched.

2016 Ukraine Global Money Week


  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
  • National Bank of Ukraine
  • Center for Responsible Finance NGO
  • Banking University
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Association of New Economic Education


  • Institute of Modernization of Education in Ukraine, Deposit Guarantee Fund, Tax Service of Ukraine, Regional Initiatives Foundation, HayDay, Philip Morris International Ukraine, EVS, Kredobank, Oshadbank, PrivatBank, IdeaBank, First Ukrainian International Bank, Diamantbank, UnisonBank, UniCredit Bank, Ukreximbank, Sberbank, Secondary schools in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv and Cherkasy; gymnasiums, secondary schools and colleges in Ternopil region


  • 14th - 20th of March


  • 227 000


  • 208 000

The University of Banking of Ukraine participated in Global Money Week in Ukraine for the fourth time this year. In 2016, a wide variety of activities were conducted by the University in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv and Cherkassy, from meetings with prominent bankers to round table discussions, conferences, and contests on financial topics. The students in Kharkiv took part in workshops on the family budget, seminars and consultations. In Cherkasy, university students had an excursion to the Ministry of Finance and the Tax Service of Ukraine. In Lviv, the drawing contest "Face tof hryvnia for its 20th Anniversary" and an interactive game of "How to be successful?" were held for students. Participants also competed in sports games and visited bank branches, as well as the Money Museum of the Lviv Institute of Banking University. Various lessons and presentations were also conducted, though these are just a sample of the events that were planned during the Week in Ukraine.

On 16 March, youth met the President of Ukraine (2005-2010) and Head of the NBU (1993-2000), Mr. Viktor Yushchenko. Additionally, the teacher training for teachers of the Financial Literacy course in Ukraine was held during the Week. All of these activities are supported by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, and more information can be found on the website of the Institute of Modernization of Education in Ukraine: . University representatives took part in the roundtable "Informing the Citizens and Financial Literacy Raising” supported by the Institute of Modernization of Education in Ukraine and the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

This year, the National Bank of Ukraine participated in the Week for the first time by organising visits to the Money Museum of the National Bank on several days throughout the Week. Lectures were conducted for 11th grade students on the protection of and the manufacturing of banknotes, and the students also visited the National Bank building.

The Association of New Economic Education of Ukraine participated in Global Money Week again, by conducting more than 150 activities on the topics of financial literacy, personal and cyber security, personal money management, family budgeting, open lessons by the banking professionals and many other activities. The Association also organised a 7-day Global Money Week challenge, selfie-competition and trade fair for children.

The Center for Responsible Finance NGO is a recently established civil society organisation aimed at promoting financial education and consumer protection in Ukraine. The Center conducted numerous activities for youth during the Week, including an exhibition of drawings and banners entitled “Save Wise”, a school radio broadcast as the official launch of GMW, a survey on “Savings in my family” and a discussion of the results, class debates, a video lecture “Save and Become Rich”, a simulation entrepreneurial game entitled “Making money for life” simulation, a computer simulation game entitled “Investor”, the interactive workshop “Window to the world of money”, the “Money labyrinth” quest, a master class for mothers on making piggy banks and many other exciting activities for children, youth and families!

Inspired by the idea of financial well-being, the schoolchildren of Ivan Franko Ukrainian Gymnasium created a short video about how the Gymnasium celebrated the GMW:

Students of the Galytskyi College also created a video "SAVE SMART!":
“We`ve tried to attract a wide audience, from preschoolers to masters and adults, to let everybody find an interesting event and gain knowledge which is indispensable in the modern world”. Tamara Smovzhenko, Rector of Banking University
“During this week, I learnt a lot about financial planning and savings. But the most important is that Global Money Week inspired me to plan my personal financial life” Oleksandra Masyk from the Ukrainian Gymnasium named after Ivan Franko of Ternopil city

2015 Ukraine Global Money Week


  • University of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian Association of New Finance Education
  • The Financial Sector Development Programme (USAID/FINREP-II)
  • Association “Public Resource” and Aflatoun Vinnitsa


  • 10th - 17th of March


  • 12 700

Many stakeholders in Ukraine were involved in organising Global Money Week activities across the country. Between 11 and 16 March, University of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine conducted a number of activities. Workshops and quizzes on the topics "Formation of a Personal Budget", "Basic Audit", "Customer Service in the Bank" were conducted for schoolchildren by master students, lectures for high-school students, business game ‘The Role of Money in the Modern World’, and several round-table discussions were organised for students.

Moreover, during the Week University of Banking will also organise interactive educational games on financial literacy and theatrical performances-tales " Tale About Money" and "How Squirrel Learnt to Count Money" for children between 5 and t7 years old. For 12-18 years old children excursion tours to the Museum of Money of the University of banking NBU will be organised and visits to the "Savings" Exhibition at the Museum of Money along with other interesting and interactive events.

Students also met with the experts and top executives from the leading commercial banks in Ukraine. There were also guest lectures and workshops throughout the week, including a workshop on financial literacy by the Director of the Department of Stock Transactions of the Ukrainian Stock Exchange. During the week, University of Banking organised interactive educational games on financial literacy and theatrical performances - "Tale About Money" and "How Squirrel Learnt to Count Money” - for children between 5 and 7 years. For 12-18 year olds, an excursion tours to the Museum of Money of the University of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine and visits to the "Savings" Exhibition at the Museum of Money were organised along with other interesting and interactive events.

This is the first year I participated in Global Money Week but I cannot find enough words to say how important this initiative is for younger generation of Ukrainians. We encouraged students to talk about money, to think how to overcome financial problems and how to save now to get the most of your future. The more people are involved in Global Money Week and raise these issues, the more financially secure we all will be.Svitlana Dudka, Financial Literacy Course teacher in Dnipropetrovsk Specialized School #13
Financial Sector Development Programme (USAID/FINREP-II) participated in Global Money Week by encouraging and coordinating with all 650 schools enrolled in their Financial Literacy Course pilot project for high-school students in 21 regions of the country to organise various financial education awareness activities. A variety of interactive and interesting activities were conducted at the schools. For example, Smilyansk Comprehensive and Boarding School in Cherkasy region conducted workshops, interactive game and drawing competition for middle school students. For the high school students of Dnipropetrovsk Finance and Economics Lyceum quizzes, lectures and interactive lessons were organised. A conference on “The History of Money and Their Influence on the World’s Economy” for the high school students of Kherson Lyceum took place. Classes on the history of money, a drawing contest and creating comic books on money, trading and savings for the primary and middle school students of Kyiv Comprehensive School №163 were organised. Children from Nizhyn Comprehensive School #15 in Chernigiv region visited a local Pripyat Bank branch. A drawing competition about savings, exhibition of wall newspapers and financial literacy quizzes at Lviv School #3 were organised. Many other interesting activities happened in schools that participate in the USAID/FINREP-II pilot project all over the country.

Ukrainian Association of New Economic Education involved volunteers, civil society organisations, schools and financial institutions in different regions of the country in the celebrations. Activities included children visiting bank branches, seminars and workshops at schools, financial literacy competitions and many more. Experts of Association prepared instructions and detailed scripts of activities for children on the themes of savings, financial security, security during online shopping, and the rules of personal and family budgets. The association and its partners organised visits to commercial bank branches and Kyiv stock exchange, seminars and workshops at schools, financial literacy lessons, discussions about saving money in the schools and universities, competitions and financial games, visits to the Money Museum, school survey about the experience of savings, and many other interesting events for over 8000 children and youth.

Association “Public Resource” also actively participated in Global Money Week in Vinnitsa region. It organised open days and master-classes on financial literacy in seven orphanages in the region within the framework of Aflatoun programme that is being implemented in the region for several years. The drawing contest for primary and secondary school children was held in all schools of Vinnitsa. On 17 March, youth participated in Skype calls with their peers in other countries as part of Aflatoun Day.

2014 Ukraine Global Money Week


  • National Bank of Ukraine
  • University of Banking
  • Ukrainian Association of New Finance Education
  • Privat Bank Ukraine
  • Platinum Bank
  • Pidgorodetsky School I-III levels, Lviv Region
  • Novolynsky Specialized School №1 , Volyn region
  • Nadra Bank
  • The Financial Sector Development Programme (USAID/FINREP-II)


  • 10th – 17th of March


  • 6 000


The University of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine (UB NBU) organised school excursions to the Museum of Money for pupils to learn about financial issues through workshops and financial games. The excursions were facilitated by students from the Institute of Master`s Preparation and Postgraduate Education of UB NBU. An exhibition themed on “Savings: A transformation of the way of providing banking system baselines” was prepared by the same UB NBU students and hosted at the Museum of Money of the Institute of Master`s Preparation and Postgraduate Education of UB NBU.

A round table on “Financial Literacy in Modern Life” and public lectures given by representatives of the leading financial and credit institutions of Ukraine were also organised by the UB NBU.

The Ukrainian Association of New Finance Education is a project organised by many commercial companies, NGOs, national and local governments, banks, teachers, professional organisations and volunteers and supported by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. Key partners of the Association are Platinum Bank, Nadra Bank, IBI-Rating Agency, Partnership for Every Child Organisation, Masha i Deti Education Agency, Athens Private School, Kyiv Mohyla College and other educational and civil initiatives. The Association hosted activities based on educational, social and financial literacy programs for children and youth across all regions of Ukraine. One such activity were 145 interactive lessons for 4500 teenagers based on Sergii Bidenko’s Financial Education course. Materials contain detailed instructions for organising and conducting interactive educational sessions on financial literacy, as well as scenarios for training on a variety of topics: personal and family finances, financial security, savings. All materials were available on a special website

The biggest private bank in Ukraine, Privat Bank, opened their doors to welcome secondary- and high-school students. Nationwide bank employees gave tours to children and provided them with interesting and useful information about money, budget, and managing personal finance. Children and youth learnt how the banking system works, as well as how to use banking products and services. Representatives of the banks also conducted the seminars for pupils of Novolynsky School in the Volyn region. The number of children who participated was 1147.

Platinum Bank held financial literacy classes for children and workshops for older, more financially advanced youth. Nadra Bank employees volunteered their time and financial knowledge by leading money, budget, financial security, and online shopping classes. The classes were open for public attendance.

The Pidgorodetsky School conducted a host of activities such as a classroom flashmob, a seminar on financial literacy conducted by employees of Platinum Bank and the playing of an investment game “Young Investors Rally”, where children were given virtual money and invited to “invest” it in Ukrainian companies. The children enjoyed participating and were actively engaged in seminars with the bank employees, lectures and other activities dedicated to financial literacy.

IBI Rating (a Ukrainian company) organised and held classes for students at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy University on topics such as money, budget, personal money management. The classes were so successful that the university administration has asked to if they could arrange future classes in the upcoming year.

Teachers of many schools implementing the high-school Financial Literacy Course of the Financial Sector Development Programme (USAID/FINREP-II) excitedly organised Global Money Week activities at their schools: they conducted competitions, quizzes, games, invited lecturers, went to local money museums and private banks, and definitely inspired students on the finance-related issues.

At Gorlivka Gymnasium “Intelekt” in Donetsk Region high-school students held lectures for their younger schoolmates and the most active participants received awards with the Global Money Week logo. At Gymnasium №1 of Sumy City students participated in quizzes “Banknotes” and “Money of the World,” visited the money museum and a branch of the local bank “Nadra”. Specialized School №7 of Sumy City organised a round table devoted to the issue of increases in energy prices.

At the Specialized School №13 of Dnipropetrovsk City high-school students prepared a collection of tales and sayings “Tales about Money” and “What Famous People Said About Money”. Students of the State Business College of Cherkasy City participated in an intellectual game “The Smartest One,” which covered questions on financial topics.

Aleksandria Lyceum №17 in Kirovohrad Region held special financial literacy classes where students solved puzzles and completed quizzes about money. Students of the Secondary School №163 of Kiev City attended a workshop on financial literacy and investment held by the Ukrainian Stock Exchange. Students of the Secondary School №3 of Lviv City prepared an exhibition of wall newspapers on money, delivered presentations, and took part in a practical financial literacy class with their parents.

Students of Secondary School №163 of Kiev City participated in four interactive games: “Economic Combat,” “Name of the Currency,” “Travelling in a Country of Economic Wonders,” and “The Weakest Link. Volodarsk Secondary Boarding School in Kiev Region celebrated Global Money Week under the slogan “To acquire money requires valor, to keep money requires prudence, and to spend money well is an art” with teachers held educational and entertaining lessons on electronic money and online shopping.

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2013 Ukraine Global Money Week


  • University of Banking of the National bank of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian Association of New Finance Education


  • National Bank of Ukraine


  • 10 550


  • Fin.
  • Finanssovi portal
  • Ministry of education and science
  • Oblosvita

After having taken part in Global Financial Week activities, the Deputy Director of one of the Ukrainian schools established a social and pedagogical center where children and youth can learn Financial Literacy free of charge.

A mathematics teacher decided to receive higher education in economics to teach “Financial Literacy” at her school, as a result of her participation in Global Money Week. Children from 341 educational institutions (boarding schools, schools, orphanages, and social centers) from 25 regions in Ukraine with tutors, experts, and social workers took part in the celebrations during Global Money Week.

Debates, on-line conferences with Nigeria and Germany, performances and shows with special made scenario, video, contests, comic publishing and public lesson were a small part of the organised activities. Five hundred and thirty children from schools and orphanages in 7 regions of Ukraine that took part in big social projects about financial literacy organised by Ukrainian Association of New Finance Education also participated in debates and conferences about financial awareness during Global Money Week. Children, experts, teachers, and social workers discussed questions regarding the history of money, business ideas and how to spend pocket money in the right way.

A public lesson for children in Kiev was held by the Ukrainian Association of New Finance Education in collaboration with the business publishing House «Ekonomika». Twenty-five children gathered to discuss how to plan family budgets and save money - even if they are teenagers! Children and youth participated in guided tours to the Museum of Money of the National Bank of Ukraine and the University of Banking NBU.”Financial Literacy” textbooks prepared by the pedagogical staff of the University of Banking were distributed to more than 10000 children under the age of 16. These training materials are published by the University of Banking, using the funds collected during a nationwide charity campaign “Auction of Hope” that was conducted by students of the University in December 2012.

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