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2019 Togo Global Money Week


  • Mérite International de la Jeunesse - Togo
  • ONG La Colombe


  • 1FUCEC-Togo, COOPEC AVE, Agence - Entreprise de l'Union, Association Le Citoyen Exemplaire, Association Scoute du Togo, Section des Assemblées de Dieu, Cabinet Wodéwolé, Cabinet d'Expertise en Education, Inclusion financière et sociale, Centre de jeunes de Sevagan, COOPEC-AD, Agence d'Adidogomé, COOPEC-AD, Agence de Gbadago, Ecole la Bonne Semence, Ecole les Sages, Paroisse d'Amadahomé, Eglise des Assemblées de Dieu du Togo, Paroisse de Gbadago, Eglise des Assemblée de Dieu du Togo, Paroisse de Segbégan, Eglise des Assemblées de Dieu du Togo, The British School of Lomé


  • 600


  • 4 760

ONG La Colombe
Throughout Global Money Week 2019, La Colombe, along with their partners, offered financial sensitization trainings in schools and youth centers. Children and young people were taught about the importance of saving and how to implement this in practice.

Mérite International de la Jeunesse - Togo
L'Association Le Mérite International de la Jeunesse – Togo partnered with 8 organisations to reach 500 children directly for Global Money Week 2019. Activities organised included debates, conferences, trainings, contests, and other educational sessions. Children were able to open their first savings account during the Week. They learnt about decentralized financial systems and about the academic training necessary to work in financial institutions.

2018 Togo Global Money Week


  • La Colombe
  • Mérite International de la Jeunesse (MIJ-Togo)


  • CEG Elite la Providence, Cooperative Savings and Credit Units of Togo (FUCEC), Crossroads International Canada, Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Togo (parishes of Avenir and Hedzranawoé), Exemplary Citizens Associations, Laïc Marie-Antoinette Private Complex, Radio Taxi FM, Relutet, University of Lomé, 15 school clubs


  • 445


  • 6 450

Mérite International de la Jeunesse (MIJ-Togo)
Mérite International de la Jeunesse Togo, along with 7 other partners, directly reached 250 young people and 125 adults and indirectly reached more than 4000 young people and 300 adults during Global Money Week 2018. Awareness and training sessions on the importance of financial education and money matters were conducted. Conferences-debates and seminars raised awareness among children, youth, and adults on the importance of money matters and the need to develop financial intelligence. Parents, teachers, and opinion leaders, such as clergies appreciated this initiative. Through training sessions, financial education facilitators were trained, and youth savings clubs were created in schools. A pilot phase of the SchoolBank project was launched with a microfinance institution. Children and youth enjoyed visits to companies and microfinance institution. Students from Lomé University actively participated in the discussions on GMW. Students and school principals highly appreciated visits from financial professionals. Children and youth put on recitals and plays to close this 2018 GMW edition.

La Colombe
As part of Global Money Week 2018, La Colombe organised a youth education workshop on the culture of financial savings with their partner, Elite la Providence, on 15 March in Adidogome, Lome. The workshop aimed to introduce boys and girls to the importance of saving money and to make young people aware of the issues of child trafficking and its financial motivations. The organisation used an interactive debate approach to the session. In total, 195 young boys and girls, aged 6 to 15, took part in the event and were accompanied by 10 teachers and 10 members of La Colombe. The day was financed by La Colombe.

2017 Togo Global Money Week




  • 150


  • 5000 +

During Global Money Week 2017, ICW group and MIJ Togo in collaboration with more than 11 partners, have planned to reach 5,000 young people and children.

The first part of GMW in Togo was based on conferences and panel discussions. A key topic of these panel discussions was ‘Finance for children and youth in Togo: challenges and perspectives’. The accountant of the CNSC Togo, the financial director of the chamber of commerce of Togo, and the director of ICW group lead the discussion. During the panel youth participants talked about their financial needs.

The other panels focused on the role of the youth in the sustainable economic growth of the state and the social economy. These discussions were led by a coach in social entrepreunarship.

The second part of GMW was based on trainings about finance and entrepreneurship. These trainings were held in 3 parts - the first part was about saving and was organised in partnership with Oranbank, the second training was themed “maximize your potential” and was led by a successful entrepreneur in Togo, and the last training was about the role of the stock exchange and took place in the BRVM, the Stock Exchange in Togo.

The last part of GMW in Togo involved visits to institutions. Two visits were organised; to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Togo and to BRVM, the Togo Stock Exchange. These visits enabled the youth participants to discuss entrepreneurship and financial issues with staff and to understand the role of the stock market in a country’s financial markets.

2016 Togo Global Money Week


  • Merite International de la Jeunesse du Togo



  • 14th - 20th of March


  • 3 300


  • 3 075

For its fourth consecutive participation in Global Money Week, Merite International de la Jeunesse du Togo had many exciting activities planned for the Week! For example, a workshop was conducted with students to talk about money management and savings. Parents were also involved, with MIJ stressing out the importance of supporting their children and encouraging them to start saving. Parents really appreciated the initiative. In addition, a banking football game was organised for the youth in order to associate financial education with entertaining activities and so that children could learn in a fun an engaging way. Mérite International de la Jeunesse also took youth to visit the financial institutions Fonds National de la Finance Inclusive and Coopec-AD, so that the young people could become more familiar with their purpose and practices as financial institutions, and interact with professionals from the sector. Furthermore, Mérite International de la Jeunesse visited rural areas to raise awareness about the importance of financial education. These events allowed Togolese students to gain information and build knowledge about crucial financial concepts.

2015 Togo Global Money Week


  • Mérite International de la Jeunesse – Togo (MIJ-Togo)
  • FESEN (Fédération des Syndicats de l’Education Nationale)
  • FUCEC-Togo (Institution de Micro-finance)


  • Université de Lomé
  • Ecole Primaire Evangélique d’Avenou
  • Groupe « ELIORA »
  • Eglise Evangélique Presbytérienne du Togo, Paroisse district d’Avenou
  • Association Jeunesse Ouvrière Catholique de l’Eglise Catholique du Togo


  • 10th - 17th of March


  • 2 000

The Global Money Week celebration this year in Togo was a joint effort of Fédération des Syndicats de l’Education Nationale (FESEN), Mérite International de la Jeunesse, FUSEC, a microfinance Institution (Through its Youth start Project) and the participation of four other institutions. The activities included an outreach campaign, a conference debate with children and youth from University of Lomé, l’Ecole primaire Evangélique d’Avenou and l’Association Jeunesse Ouvrière Catholique de l’Eglise Catholique du Togo; conference discussion with parents; workshops and training; awareness raising expedition at le Pic d’Agou (the highest mount in Togo) organised and lead by a group of students; theaters; and lunch discussion on the GMW theme etc. Discussions during the week focused on training children and youth on how they can make a saving plan and be organised to achieve their financial goal.

organisers of the week long events are committed to continue the task of building sustainable and long term foundation for economic citizenship education programs for children and youth. It is one of the reasons why in addition to discussions with youth and children, awareness activities were conducted with adults (parents) on their role in supporting and inculcating a culture of saving. A total of 300 parents participated.

Moreover, foundation activities for school bank implementations were also conducted. Youth took part in a tour of financial institutions to learn more about the functioning of those institutions. Three financial institutions were visited (FUCEC-Togo; SACCO Echoppe; SACCO Solidarity). Young entrepreneurs who participated in the visit received the opportunity to make a presentation about their businesses to representatives of these institutions.

2014 Togo Global Money Week


  • Mérite International de la Jeunesse
  • Ecole Promo Sophia
  • Institut Polytechnique la Grâce de Dieu
  • Eglise Evangélique du Togo-Paroisse d’Avénou
  • Ecole Primaire de L’EEPT-Avenou
  • Lycée d’Enseignement Technique d’Adidogomé
  • Complexe scolaire le Cocotier
  • Institut Polytechnique du Golfe
  • Ministère du développement à la base et de l’Artisanat de la jeunesse et de l’emploi des jeunes
  • Ministère de l’enseignement technique de la formation professionnelle et de l’industrie
  • Institution de Microfinance FUCEC-TOGO
  • Association ASDEFCEG Agoè
  • Institution de Microfinance FECECAV


  • 10th – 17th of March


  • 3 700

Togo celebrated Global Money Week from start to finish. The organisation had activities planned for everyday of the week. Creative activities included an interactive drama about money; an expressive storytelling about the genesis of money; and a share-session where children expressed the dream which they would like to achieve with money that they save. Youth visited various businesses such as the microfinance institutions FECECAV and FUCEC, and small businesses such as a shoemaker and craft business. School students also visited government ministries who deal with child and youth financial education and inclusion. A football competition between schools created awareness amongst young people about the importance of financial education and inclusion. A game about winning and losing money was also played at schools. The organisation encouraged youth to follow Global Money Week on Facebook by sharing pictures and videos of activities on Facebook. Workshops and financial education lessons, debates where arranged to teach children and youth about how they can become more financially savvy. Parents were sensitized about the importance of financial inclusion of children and youth.

2013 Togo Money Week


  • Mérite International de la Jeunesse – Togo


  • 15th - 21st of March


  • 3 000

The visit to banks was really appreciated by Headmasters in schools, and professional training centers. It widened the vision of young people about employment opportunities in banks. Children were amazed to discover video cameras in banks and get opportunities to talk to bank managers and other staff members; some of them entered a bank for the first time, opening a bank account and save on their personal saving account.

The theme of Global Money Week in Togo was “Financial Education and Entrepreneurship.” During the Week, activities were organised to give opportunities to children and young people to experience various aspects on financial education, access to financial services, and savings. This was accomplished by visits to banks and opening of new savings accounts – more than 1000 young people paid visit to 25 agencies of a Microfinance Institution named FUCEC-TOGO. Accompanied with this was the introduction of a savings bank for children in order to develop saving culture as an essential skill. Youth also participated in radio talk shows on the issue.

Financial education was also introduced with various games, competitions in music and dances, and artwork.

In order to ensure financial inclusion a conference at the Microfinance FUCEC-TOGO was held. During this week participants had the opportunity to chat with the Executive Secretary of UNCDF (United Nations Capital development Fund).

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