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2019 Thailand Global Money Week


  • Bank of Thailand


  • 17 Schools and Universities, Bangkok Bank


  • 815


  • 54 856

Bank of Thailand
Throughout Global Money Week 2019, the Bank of Thailand conducted an event titled “Money Detective”. During this event, visitors received clues to detect important ancient money at the Bank of Thailand Money Museum and clues to find out unnecessary expenses in financial literacy exhibition. The objective of the activity was to inspire children to learn about money, by giving them an opportunity to explore the history of money and the role of Central Bank. Additionally, the financial literacy exhibition offered was an interesting activity for the children, which was aimed at building financial literacy awareness and gave them a chance to calculate their own unnecessary expenses per annum.

2016 Thailand Money Week




  • 14th - 20th of March


  • 10 426

Building on years of dedication towards advancing the importance of financial education through advocacy programs, throughout GMW 2016 the Ministry of Education and the Office of Basic Education Commission continued its efforts to develop financial literacy amongst young people., Allianz Thailand´s My Finance Coach, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance’s Royal Mint Learning Centre also organised learning opportunities for children to better understand how to “save smart”.

The Ministry of Education’s Office of Basic Education Commission, in partnership with local schools, organised a series of lessons given to children focusing on the importance of saving and why they should start thinking of saving while they are young. This was organised primarily in schools in Bangkok, and involved 14 primary and 30 secondary schools. The aim was to integrate financial literacy and wise money management into children’s daily habits.

In addition, Allianz Ayudhya organised a half day trip to Thai Royal Mint Learning Centre and half day My Finance Coach Workshop. The objective of the activity was for children to experience Thailand’s historical currency development, to understand how the Thai mint was produced, and to encourage students to become “Save Smart” kids by attending the workshops. The activities utilised the My Finance Coach Module, which included simulation of shopping, the different types of spending, and a new perspective on advertising.

The Investor Education Department of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) prepared and carried out many activities at INVESTORY museum and Maruey library as part of their Global Money Week celebrations this year. One of the activities was called INVESTORY: An “Interactive Self-Discovery Museum”, with the aim of inspiring children to learn about financial planning and investment. In this activity, the SET aimed to:

  • Encourage all visitors to learn about “4 Principles Leading to wealth” (how to earn, save, spend, and invest) through the interactive exhibitions, games and simulation
  • Build awareness of GMW2016 via SET Facebook by posting some examples of activities for students from Bangkok University and professionals from the Thai Library

In addition a second activity organised by the Maruey Library, a “ Capital Market Living Library”, was also organised by the SET for people from all backgrounds, including investors, securities practitioners and the general public. These activities included:

  • Introduction to the Global Money Week campaign to all visitors
  • Setting-up a book corner for “Personal Finance” and recommending some simple financial planning books for visitors
  • Holding a campaign called “I wanna save money because…” in order to encourage all visitors to start saving for their lives
  • Building awareness of the GMW2016 via SET Facebook by posting some easy quotes about personal finance

2015 Thailand Money Week



  • 10th - 17th of March


  • 1 100

The dedication of Thailand's Ministry of Education and the Office of Basic Education Commission in teaching and fostering financial literacy among children was exemplified in Global Money Week 2015 celebrations. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Education and participation of various organisations such as Right to Play Thailand and My Finance Coach Thailand, this year’s celebrations included a variety of fun and interactive activities. In addition, there were very impressive in-school projects.

In line with this year’s thrust towards higher impact activities, Ministry of Education’s Office of Basic Education Commission, in partnership with Right to Play Thailand, organised a series of training and workshops for teacher supervisors around Thailand. The aim was to integrate financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills into the curriculum through various subjects. It is expected that this top-level approach will create better impact in furthering the cause of including financial education at the school level.

Allianz Thailand’s My Finance Coach in cooperation with the Central Bank of Thailand organised a visit to the bank’s museum for children and youth, who marveled learning about the history of Thai currency and those of other countries in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region. In addition to the visit, My Finance Coach conducted activities for children on money management emphasizing on the importance of savings and investing for a safer and better future for themselves and their communities.

The Economics Club of Rajavinit Mattayom School organised the “Save Before Spend: The Money Management Discipline Project” activities. School students got an opportunity to envision what they wanted to save for, participate in a speech competition on how they could turn their hundreds to millions, and practice money management by playing the “Millionaire Cash Flow Game”.

2014 Thailand Money Week



  • 10th - 17th of March


  • 500

Plan International Thailand with the Bank of Thailand, Government Saving Bank and Right To Play Thailand organised a full-day event to celebrate Global Money Week 2014. The event focused on financial learning activities for students. Also, the Stock Exchange of Thailand organised an online competition that engaged youth on the topics of savings and money matters. With the view to encourage students to learn important financial management skills such as decision making in business, saving and financial investment for students as well as promoting Global Money Week in Thailand, the event included interactive, participatory and creative activities for youngsters to learn and improve their financial management skills. With the participation of the Bank of Thailand, Citi Bank, Government Saving Bank of Thailand, Plan International Thailand, Prudential, Right To Play Thailand Foundation, SET Trade along with 150 students and over 30 VIP guests, the event proved to be an effective tool for learning financial literacy in a creative and interactive way. Children and youth sent their ideas to the Stock Exchange of Thailand Facebook page as part of a “How to manage your money effectively” online competition from which the best 3 were selected as winners and received rewards.

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2013 Thailand Money Week


  • Right to Play Thailand


  • Plan International Thailand, Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection, Royal Government of Thailand, Ministry of Justice Government, Saving Bank of Thailand, MasterCard Worldwide


  • 15th of March


  • 269
“For many of the youth in the participating detention centers, it was their first time in experiencing activities involving outsiders, especially financial institutions. The needs of this target population in terms of financial management skills are almost often overlooked simply because they are labeled as “delinquents.” During the activities, the youth shared that many of their wrongdoings and mistakes were often related to their lack of understanding and skills and wrong attitudes in dealing with money. At the end of the day, they expressed a high appreciation of the opportunity to meet other youth from other detention centers and to learn the value of financial management and literacy together.”

Global Money Week in Thailand was celebrated with a number of activities. One such activity was a poster-making contest with the theme: “Empowering the Children and Youth through Financial Access and Education.” To create greater awareness among the participating youth and institutions while engaging creativity and arts, this contest preceded the actual celebration day.

Another activity was “The Parachute” which is a game-based learning activity. Using a big parachute, students in groups of 50 bounce a ball several times. The ball represents each youth’s financial goal. This game implies that the accomplishment of one’s financial goal can be achieved with the help of different “forces” or factors like people, technical and life skills, knowledge, etc.

Further group games included “Need or Want” which helped children and youth understand the difference between needs and wants for financial decision-making through a relay race.

“Hope is in the Air” is an activity which allowed the youngsters to think about how they could achieve their financial goals through focus amidst conflicting priorities as they bounce different coloured balloons up in the air. “Fill-It-Up” is an activity which illustrated the challenges in saving money as each group tries to fill a specially designed plastic pipe with water.