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2017 Somalia Global Money Week



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During the Global Money Week 2017, Action for Women and Children Concern (AWCC) focused on the issue of inclusion. Aiming at promoting financial gender inclusion by girls’ and women’s ownership of financial resources and seizing of opportunities, AWCC worked towards mitigating the marginalization of property ownership.

AWCC, along with its partners reached 1,000 children and youth through visits to schools and inviting them to participate in the events of the Global Money Week. Furthermore, a series of sessions were offered to children, youth and adults to highlight the importance of financial literacy, entrepreneurship and financial innovation to shift current sources of income in Somalia.

Given the Somali economy’s dependence on agriculture, which has been performing very poorly since the collapse of the former central government in 1991 and the increase of harmful consequences of climate change that resulted to recurrent droughts, crop failures and food insecurities, AWCC encouraged children to learn new techniques how to gain access to finance and help themselves meet their basic needs.

2016 Somalia Global Money Week



  • 14th - 20th of March


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Action for Women and Children Concern (AWCC) participated in Global Money Week again this year; with an extensive programme which included a peer debate on financial education and literacy, the need to make students well versed in financial literacy before they reach secondary school and employment issues after school.

Throughout the activities young people were actively engaged in discussions to ensure that they have tools to become financially literate. They enjoyed financial education lessons and learnt about the importance of financial literacy for future economic security. There were also sessions, during which the participants learnt about how the Somali currency has been replaced by the US dollar in the wake of the Somali civil war and the collapse of Somalia’s formal banking system. Key issues addressed how the Somali currency could be revived, what affect the demise of the Somali currency has on the economy and how counterfeiting can be prevented.

AWCC brought together community members, including parent and teachers associations (PTA’s), and made them aware of the need for financial literacy through the age-old method of storytelling and guest speakers. All of the issues covered during the event were presented through folklore, speeches and poetry. This closing event was used to wrap up Global Money Week in Somalia.

A complementary set of activities were organised by the Somali Youth Concern and Somali Youth Leadership Forum - aimed at raising awareness about money matters, as well as the importance of saving and self-employment in a country where the bulk of employment is either self-propelled or by private companies. The activities included both children and youth in school and youth who are the main sources of livelihood for their immediate families. The events took place in Mogadishu Somalia and reached many others through TV and Radio.

2015 Somalia Global Money Week


  • Action for Women and Child Concern (AWCC)
  • PTA’s and Community members


  • 10th - 17th of March


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  • Innocent Voices News Letter

As a part of its mission to raise awareness about children’s rights to gain access to financial literacy and equipping them with effective financial strategies while they are at school, Action for Women and Children Concern (AWCC) organised Somalia Money Week 2015, in close collaboration with the schools and targeted community around Somalia.

Action for Women and Children Concern (AWCC) organised two activities Peer Debates and Workshops & Lessons. Students from different schools were grouped together to strengthen their coexistence and provide an opportunity for them to bond with each other. The students shared their experiences and stories from their respective communities on issues related to finance, financial sources and its management.

A dedicated team of organisers were appointed for the smooth implementation of Somalia Global Money Week activities. This team used innovative strategies and engaged with students to participate in interesting debates on children’s rights to access to financial institutions & services and the need to include a well-designed financial literacy programme in all education curricula at both primary and secondary levels.

Towards the end of the celebrations, mobilization and sensitization event was held to increase awareness about children’s rights to financial education and the objectives of the Global Money Week event through shared stories. Somalian girls actively participated in Somalia Global Money Week. They played a very crucial role in discussions and directly pointed out the positives and negatives effects of money; this took the debate into a high level. Girls and boys who participated in the peer discussions and workshops agreed upon the importance of investments in assets like purchase of properties and other startup capitals as part of positive effects of money.

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