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2023 Saudi Arabia Global Money Week


  • Capital Market Authority (CMA)


  • Saudi Central Bank; Ministry of Education; The Financial Academy; Princess Noura University; Prince Sattam University; 8 Banks; 24 Financing companies; 19 Payment company NGO (Meem Aeen); Social Development Bank; Sown advisory financial consulting for individuals and families


  • 136


  • 22 921


  • 51 080


  • 15 251 000

The Capital Market Authority (CMA) of Saudi Arabia has contributed to the GMW2023 throughout its two awareness programmes: Thameen ( (ثمين “Arabic for precious”, and Smart Investor (المستثمر الذكي). These two programmes are CMA’s initiatives that have been created for the purpose of increasing the national financial literacy. Thameen is targeting adults in general, as well as current and prospect investors in the capital market, while Smart Investor is tailored for the youth generation. In order to reach the target audience for the campaign, five different digital channels were used, for both Thameen and Smart Investor. In cooperation with the Financial Academy, the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) hosted a group of university students to visit the Central Bank. During the visits, an overview of the Saudi Central Bank was given to the students and two lectures on financial planning and sustainable insurance were presented. The Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) issued a circular urging all financial institutions in the Kingdom to participate in the Global Money Week by spreading messages that promote the principles of financial awareness and financial literacy.Global Money Week is one of the main events celebrated every year by Social Development Bank (SDB). Throughout Global Money Week 2023, SDB launched four new educational materials on four financial topics. SDB conducted more than 123 financial education workshops in more than 57 cities around the Kingdom and more than 15,000 children and youth have attended these workshops. SDB also launched a new Robo advising tool on its website to help individuals understand their finances and financial status. SDB launched a social media campaign as well aiming to raise awareness among young people in the Kingdom on the importance of financial literacy. Some 15 million views and impressions were reached across the social media. In 2023, Sown advisory implemented three programmes during the GMW: the SOWN Book Club, a seminar on financial education via the Internet, and a financial education workshop for children. 

2022 Saudi Arabia Global Money Week


  • Capital Market Authority (CMA)


  • Social Development Bank, Saudi Central Bank, Sown Advisory, 24 government organisations, 9 NGOs, 2 chambers of commerce, 2 shopping malls, 5 public fairs, 12 schools, 10 universities, colleges and institutes


  • 77


  • 1,129,375


  • 1,405,017


  • 14,501,187

The Capital Market Authority (CMA) used their Smart Investor and Thameen awareness programmes throughout Global Money Week 2022. Some initiatives were carried out through social media platforms Smart Investor Smart Investor and Thameen. Posts included tweets, infographics, and videos. The campaigns used the official GMW2022 hashtags: #GMWBuildYourFuture #GMWBeSmartAboutMoney #GlobalMoneyWeek2022 More than 2,000,000 impressions, and over 350,000 video views were gathered. Furthermore, a university visit was held at the headquarters of the Capital Market Authority to enrich and raise the financial literacy knowledge of young people.

Throughout Global Money Week 2022, Social Development Bank (SDB) worked with 59 partners from all over the country. They conducted more than 69 workshops for over 6,800 children and adults and provided personal financial advice for more than 31 families. In addition, multiple new initiatives were launched to raise financial awareness of children and youth, to promote savings and financial inclusion and to encourage young people to acquire financial knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours necessary to make sound financial decisions and to become financially capable.

During Global Money Week, SDB launched the following initiatives and programmes:

  • A hackathon for savings and planning targeting university students and young entrepreneurs.
  • A gaming application for children between ages 4-12 teaching children through gaming the basic concepts of money, planning and savings.
  • Interactive activity “Treasure Island” for 474 children between ages 4-12 focusing on concepts of earning, saving, investing and giving money.
  • SDB launched four different children stories for different age groups and published an encyclopaedia about basic concepts of money and the history of money.

During GMW2022, visits to the Saudi Central Bank and the Currency Museum were organised for secondary schools and universities students. An online competition via an easy access app to promote financial awareness was published throughout the week, with more than 400,000 participants. A media campaign was launched, and a podcast with HE the Deputy Governor for Development and Technology of Saudi Central Bank was recorded and broadcast. The podcast discussed financial technology and savings.

The Financial Education for Kids programme of SownAdvisoy focused on developing and raising financial awareness of kids. It taught 6-12 year olds how to save and set their personal financial goals. The workshop also helped 12 kids to understand how to buy, sell and negotiate though a simulation of a small market.

SownAdvisoy believes that reading is the foundation for knowledge, and in order to achieve its goals in raising financial awareness Sown Book Club was established. The club started its first sessions in January 2017 and has been held on a monthly basis ever since. For Global Money Week 2022, the Sown Book Club organised reading for a book called “What your financial advisor doesn't tell you.” The two-hour event held on March 23 gathered 100 participants.

2021 Saudi Arabia Global Money Week


  • Social Development Bank (SDB), Ministry of Education, Riyali - SEDCO Holding, SABB Bank, NGOs, Saudi Electronic University, Um ALQura University, KA University, Jazan University, Digital University, banks, schools, malls and others


  • 79


  • 418,629


  • 1,079,050


  • 3,644,976

Throughout GMW 2021, the Social Development Bank had more than 42 ambassadors to spread financial literacy awareness and information on the importance of savings. The Bank also collaborated with more than 75 partner organisations. A record number of activities were held during the Campaign, varying between training sessions, kids app, lectures and live appearance in malls, social media, TV and radio show. The Social Development Bank reached 14,331 participants through events and around 140,000 people through media outreach.

Riyali, the SEDCO Holding financial literacy programme, kickstarted their GMW camping with announcements to raise awareness about the event. These posts received over 3,200 views online.

Riyali then invited all social media followers to test their knowledge through a series of stories and posts. In parallel, a webinar was held for more than 150 students, where they learnt about upcoming projects focusing on constructive and effective ways of reaching their financial goals. Also, the Budget Sheet for kids was developed and made available, so they could better understand their spending and gains, which would in turn help them plan and reach their dreams.

The campaign also included stories by three people where each one of them shared how Riyali programme helped them from challenges to success. These stories were filmed online and offline.

This resulted in 405,802 registration, 1,077,400 engagements, and 3,505,026 views, which is proof that the Kingdom seeks to grow, learn and reach financial awareness and literacy at any cost.

2019 Saudi Arabia Global Money Week


  • SEDCO Holding
  • Social Development Bank
  • Sown Advisory for Individuals and Families


  • 1 Shopping Mall, 11 Universities, 15 Schools, 2 Chambers of Commerce, 2 Social Development Centers, 3 NGOs, 5 Educational Centers, 8 Colleges, Little Traders, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Red Sea Mall, SABB Bank


  • 7 434


  • 1 195 727

Social Development Bank
As part of the Global Money Week 2019 celebrations, the Social Development Bank ensured to reach children and youth all over Saudi Arabia. During the Week, the Social Development Bank visited numerous institutions, including schools, universities, social development centers, NGOs, Chambers of Commerce, and education centers in different cities. During these visits, the organisations executed multiple activities, such as workshops, trainings and courses, and exhibitions, to raise the financial awareness among children and youth in the country. Additionally, children, aged 4 to 12 years old, were able to participate in interactive financial activities in malls, to learn about the value of money, the importance of saving, and the difference between wants and needs.

SEDCO Holding
Riyali began GMW2019 with their participation in the GMW Countdown Challenge. They translated the questions in Arabic and posted them on social media for the youth to participate. During the Week, Riyali organised numerous activities including visits and lectures. A total of 5 schools were reached and lectures were conducted on the basics of financial literacy and savings. One of the activities included a time capsule, where students wrote down their financial goals for the next year. The capsule will be opened next-year. The activity aims to teach students to set financial goals and work towards achieving them. Another activity focused on saving, with the aim to teach the art of saving money from a young age. Throughout the Week, Riyali engaged people on social media through pictures and videos highlighting their activities. The organisation took to social media to reach as many people as possible, asking them to share old money notes and encouraging entrepreneurship. A visit to SABB Bank was organised for school students with the aim of raising financial awareness. Additionally, Riyali partnered up with Little Traders, an organisation that helps children learn about entrepreneurship and how to start their own business. An event called Kidrepreneurs was organised to give young entrepreneurs the chance to display their business and sell their products to the public. The kid entrepreneurs were given real life experiences of entrepreneurship like interviews in, which they explained their journey, what inspired them, how they started their business, and how they would like their business to grow. All these stories from the kid entrepreneurs were collected and compiled in a book to encourage people.

Sown Advisory for Individuals and Families
Sown Advisory participated in GMW2019 for the third time as a leading organisation. There were various awareness programs designed for different age groups; adults, youth and children. These awareness programs were focused on several subjects such as personal financial planning, financial education, dealing with credit cards, loans, depreciation, investment funds, real estate, inflation, financial education for children, financial decisions, smart targets, investment, and retirement planning. Throughout the Week, many book readings on financial books were held along with discussions and was attended by young women. In addition to these activities, two sessions were delivered for female high school students on setting smart goals. Two live-online seminars were organised on personal financial planning. Sown's team visited charities and delivered three financial education sessions for children and their families. Sown Advisory was a part of Riyadh international book fair 2019, which was a great opportunity to reach many people and spreading financial awareness.

2018 Saudi Arabia Global Money Week


  • SEDCO Holding
  • Saudi Social Development Bank
  • Sown Financial Advisory for Individuals & Families
  • Tadawul Saudi Stock Exchange
  • Young Trader Financial Literacy Awareness Programme


  • Ministry of Education, Riyad Bank, Riyali Financial Literacy Programme, Saudi Ministry of Education, 4 universities, 54 schools


  • 3 625


  • 1 202 930

SEDCO Holding
SEDCO Holding Group organised various events, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, for its Riyali Financial Literacy Programme during GMW2018, under the theme “Money Matters Matter”. Riyali teams visited multiple schools in Makkah and organised lectures, talk shows, and interactive discussions around balanced spending and the value of saving money. Elementary students were taught about principles of financial planning and budgeting. The campaign utilized social media outlets to educate the community with daily tips and advice. Riyali Programme partnered with “Al Oula”, a non-profit organisation, to train children on money management. Several activities were organised, including a session on the basics of financial management and the concept of saving. The children participated in various competitions and built their own moneybox. Riyali Financial literacy programme has reached over 300,000 beneficiaries, and it is looking to further educate 700,000 students through direct training and 300,000 students through E-education. It aims to cover 100% of the Kingdom's schools by 2030.

Saudi Social Development Bank
Throughout Global Money Week 2018, Social Development Band and its partners, tried to reach the maximum number of children via different available resources and channels all over Saudi Arabia. Schools, universities, and public places were targeted to reach children about financial education.

Tadawul Saudi Stock Exchange
Throughout the Global Money Week 2018, along with CMA, Tadawul hosted a session at Tadawul HQ. The session offered to students was done through the programme "Smart investor", which is aimed to raise awareness on safe financial transactions and how to invest wisely. In addition, university sessions are conducted throughout the year, in addition to providing short training sessions aimed to raise awareness regarding the Stock Exchange.

Young Trader Financial Literacy Awareness Programme
Throughout GMW2018, Young Trader Financial Literacy Awareness Programme executed a three days workshop and three days event in a mall where the children were given booths and trained to develop or invent a product and then sell it. This programme was offered to children from age 5-18. Riyad Bank sponsored the event. The programme provided children with tools such as cash, credit cards, and investment certificates. Learning how to save, earn, spend, communicate and invest is all part of the curriculum. The Young Entrepreneur Financial Literacy awareness Programme focuses on equipping young people with confidence, skills, and knowledge in personal finance and money management. It aims to empower young people to harness their personal and business skills to meet the challenges in money matters to succeed in today’s society.

Sown Financial Advisory for Individuals & Families
Sown Financial Advisory for Individuals and Families celebrated Global Money Week for the second time and conducted 16 events in Global Money Week, such as trainings, financial games, seminars, workshops, and a financial book club. The financial book club was selected to be in the Riyadh international book fair, which allowed Sown to reached children, youth, and adults. In the Riyadh international book fair, Sown delivered a workshop entitled "Money Mindset" for youth and adults, as well as a seminar in the main auditorium. Additionally, Sown delivered a lecture to women, about the importance of Personal Financial Planning for financial empowerment. In addition, Sown delivered two Financial Educational workshops to two schools. Sown organised a two day course called " Smart Money", for 15 young ladies.

2017 Saudi Arabia Global Money Week




  • 40 500


  • 510 000

During the Global Money Week 2017, SEDCO Holding Group intensified its already very active Riyali Financial Literacy Programme.

The programme currently has 3 main offerings: Rowad Riyali, which teaches young entrepreneurs the financial skills they need to succeed in their small businesses; Ashbal Riyali, a personal financial literacy course targeted at kids ages 10-12; and Shabab Riyali, a personal financial literacy course targeted at youth between 17 and 22.

Rowad Riyali completed its pilot phase in the first quarter of 2017 and was launched during Global Money Week 2017. This online course was launched online as well as in collaboration with other organisations supporting entrepreneurship. On the other hand, Shabab Riyali online course, targeted at 12th grade and college students was promoted on various media channels, including, Rwaq, and Duroob. Furthermore, SEDCO, through its partners also intensified its Ashbal Riyali course targeted at kids ages 10-12.

Equally important, the Ministry of Education lead the training of over 10,000 students in classrooms in 5 areas across the Kingdom. In addition, the Ashbal Riyali programme was also promoted at the Red Sea Mall to parents and youth through in-mall activities. In order to maximize the reach, the Riyali App was re-launched with a new feature connecting the youth to the Riyali courses online.

Throughout the Global Money Week 2017, Sown along with its partners reached 300 children and youth through visits to schools and universities. Financial literacy awareness sessions were offered to children, youth and adults. Additionally, high-level discussions, seminars, and other educational activities were organised both at universities and at the Chamber of Commerce.

2016 Saudi Arabia Global Money Week




  • 14th - 21st of March


  • 354 163


  • 350 900

To celebrate GMW 2016, the Smart Investor programme, run by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) of Saudi Arabia, promoted the theme of "Take Part. Save Smart!" through a variety of activities throughout the country. Because GMW 2016 in Saudi Arabia coincided with two major events in the kingdom, a short school break and the start of the Riyadh International book fair, the capital city welcomed several visitors and tourists during the week who were introduced to GMW. Directly prior to GMW, schools were open for visitors and GMW had a place at the Riyadh International Book Fair, which lasted for 10 days. Each day, both children and parents visiting the booth took part in awareness raising activities related to savings and budget planning, such as a "Smart Savings" play, art competitions, money puzzles, selfie challenges, a photo competition and also two activity tables where children could draw money awareness messages. There were also prize giveaways for kids, such as GMW 2016 stickers and Smart Investor’s special savings boxes.

Additionally, in the week prior to GMW, the Smart investor programme arranged a visit to five different schools, during which GMW was celebrated: Dar Alsalam Elementary school, Riyadh Najd Elementary school, AlRowad school, Kharjeh Bin Zaid school and Alwadi school. Lectures and plays were presented to the students where they learnt about topics such as savings and personal finance basic principles, personal development, responsibility, learning, creativity, teamwork and budget planning. A mobile exhibition at King Abdullah National Park was also created for children and youth to draw and learn about savings and proper money spending habits, and the Smart Investor team visited six different shopping malls in Riyadh as well where they distributed “Money boxes” and saving tips materials to children.

Furthermore, the Smart investor team organised a visit for 40 students to the Saudi Stock Exchange to take part in the “ringing of the bell” ceremony, to learn about the entity, how it operates and the role it plays in the economy of Saudi Arabia. A visit the Saudi entrepreneur “Khalid Albawrdi” was also organised for students as part of the efforts to enable youngsters to learn from the experienced entrepreneurs. He shared his entrepreneurial journey with the youngsters and gave his advice in regards to savings and its importance.

A visit to the Disabled Children’s Association was also arrange during the Week to conduct a session about “smart savings” for the children who also received gifts at the end of the event.

The Smart Investor team also put a lot of effort into digital campaigning during the week; a photo competition and a “Take a Selfie” challenge were promoted to encourage youngsters to participate in the global hashtag #GMWselfie, using various social media channels, including more than 1000 #GMW2016 photos submitted on Instagram and an outreach of more than 300K people in Twitter, Facebook & Instagram together in Saudi Arabia.

“Positive step to teach our children how to save and make it so essential in their lives”Saad Alharbi, Investor, Saudi Arabia
“We greet you on your spirit and your good initiative permanent such meetings, and God willing we see the impact of these meetings in the coming generations”Fahad AlQasem, Real estate developer, Saudi Arabia
“Today there was a beautiful lecture at our school from (the Smart Investor), I really enjoyed it.”Waleed, 10 yrs, Saudi Arabia

2015 Saudi Arabia Global Money Week


  • SEDCO Holding Group
  • King Abdul-Aziz University
  • KAU Research Endowment Fund
  • AlAndalus Center
  • AlNubalaa Center
  • Red Sea Mall


  • 11th – 19th of March


  • 10 000


  • Alarabiyah TV

This year, SEDCO Holding Group reached out to 10,000 children and youth by conducting various activities during the Global Money Week celebrations from 10 to 17 March. The activities included Riyali courses across two cities starting 11 March, a Financial Dignity Summit titled ‘Money and Business’ at King Abdul-Aziz University on 17 March, and ‘Little Merchants’, children’s activities starting 15 March at the Red Sea Mall.

Held in the two Western Province cities of Jeddah and Taif during all days of the celebration, the Riyali Financial Awareness Programme in collaboration with three educational institutes conducted training courses for 15 entities, including mosques, forums, schools and universities.

The 2nd Financial Dignity Summit was held on 17 March at King Abdul-Aziz University. The agenda included inspirational speeches by successful local small business owners and a session about the Riyali programme and its results, in addition to an entrepreneurship award session to encourage young entrepreneurs. Riyali also launched its new online platform making Riyali courses more widely accessible for students across the Kingdom.

The introduction of Riyali Financial Awareness Programme in the Financial Dignity Summit during Global Money Week celebrations has given the children and students a curriculum which will empowers them with the financial knowledge to become financially responsible, independent and avoid becoming dependent on others for money. This is the second year in a row that Riyali and SEDCO have participated in Global Money Week. The week featured several online tips and advice across Riyali’s social media platforms.

Journalists were invited to attend the workshops along with their families so that their children could attend activities on the weekend. The activities were wrapped up with sharing of videos from the celebrations on Riyali’s Twitter channel and its Facebook page.

Dr. Fouad Merdad, Assistant to the Executive Director of KAU Research Endowment Fund said: “Riyali programme actually gives the student theoretical and practical tools to achieve what we like to call ‘financial dignity’.”

2014 Saudi Arabia Global Money Week


  • Capital Markets Authority (CMA)
  • Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)
  • Irqah Elementary School
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Hammad IBn Abi Hanifa School
  • Education Private School
  • United International School
  • Hope Institute of The Deaf
  • Al-Bashyer School
  • Al-Aswad Bin Wahb School
  • Kingdom Schools


  • Al-Jazeera Bank


  • 10th – 17th of March


  • 4 650

The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) in collaboration with Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), conducted exciting innovative and educational activities in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Global Money Week 2014. Several educational and financial awareness campaigns were organised to integrate the youth of today into the world of finance.

A financial education book fair marked the launch of this year’s Global Money Week. This international book fair was visited throughout the week by students from around the country. The rest of the week was filled with fun activities such as financial experts visiting schools and students visiting the coin exhibition. Innovative new media campaigns were also rolled out by the CMA, such as the Young Financers video campaign launched via social media and the sending of over a million financial awareness text message. The employees of SABIC launched the Smart Investor programme which will run throughout the year.

In addition, The Saudi Capital Market authority just finished the final touches in the smart investor BUS as a replacement to the mobile caravan. CMA will be using the bus in the “smart investor” tours around the kingdom during holidays, festivals, outdoor activities and in public parks and malls. The bus includes TV screens to show our programs, ATM touch screens, stands and public touch screens includes all the programme materials.

SABIC’s Ambassador launched the Smart Investor programme with 6th grade female students from the Irqah Elementary School. The session started by introductions and an explanation about the Smart Investor programme and Global Money Week. After that, the ambassador told the students the story of Riyals and how paper currency came to be used in the Kingdom. She then gave the students saving and investing tips and she gave examples of people who are financially secure now because they saved and planned investments from a young age. She highlighted the benefits of giving money to the poor and how if the students do it wisely they will help others without hurting their own investments. At the end of the day the students were given stickers and enjoyed eating cupcakes while reading their Global Money Week and Smart Investor magazines. The students were encouraged to join the Smart Investor social media accounts also given the social media accounts so that they can keep up to date on the year’s programme.

SEDCO (Saudi Economic and Development Company) held a day-long Summit at King Abdul Aziz University to introduce their Financial Literacy Programme called "Riyali". The programme has its own app (software application) which SEDCO designed in association with the Ministry of Labor (MOL). The summit was opened with a presentation by the main guest speaker the founder of Operation HOPE. During the morning a panel of youth success stories were shared and discussed. This was followed by a variety of workshops covering budgeting, saving, investing and borrowing. The app is fun, easy and educational and it was downloaded more than 7000 times during Global Money Week.

SEDCO also organised a celebration for Global Money Week at the Red Sea Mall, where the aim was to raise financial awareness for children and youth and their parent. The event was attended by more than 3,000 members of the public in addition to a number of national and international journalists.

Learn more:

Smart Investor YouTube Channel:

2013 Saudi Arabia Global Money Week


  • The Capital Market Authority


  • Mobily
  • Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Science
  • Technology Center (SciTech)


  • 17th - 25th of January


  • 16 200

In cooperation with Child and Youth Finance International organisation, The Capital Market Authority launched the Smart Investor Week at Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Science and Technology Center (SciTech), which is affiliated with King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. The Smart Investor Week included several activities such as the Mobile Library aiming to read all issues of the Smart Investor magazine outdoors. A financial awareness exhibition that specialized in defining the Saudi Currency “Riyal” and its history and development along the years, investing and saving, were also a part of the activities for children and youth.

Furthermore, children were able to practice drawing and sketching that aimed to promote a positive culture toward money. The exhibition also included interactive screens with games and financial contests. During the week, eight training sessions were available for children about financial planning skills. Also, a lecture for parents on financial parenting skills and financial experiences in raising awareness on the topic. On the Center’s Theater, the Smart Investor interactive play was presented to the public every day for nine days, which aimed to educate them about the value of money and savings methods and other financial skills.

“The Smart investor programme is the fastest way to create a smart generation for a smart future,” said one of the teachers participating in Smart Investor Week.

GMW countdown 8

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