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2023 The Philippines Global Money Week


  • Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas


  • 1) Coopertaive Development Authority Region III Extension Office2) Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas San Fernando Branch3) Central Luzon Regional Cooperative Council (CLRCDC)4)Provincial Cooperative Office of Aurora5)Provincial Cooperative & Enterprise Development Office (PCEDO) of Bataan6)Provincial Cooperative & Enterprise Development Office (PCEDO) of Bulacan7)Provincial Cooperative & Enterprise Development Office (PCEDO) of Nueva Ecija8)Provincial Cooperative & Enterprise Development Office (PCEDO) of Tarlac9)Provincial Cooperative Office of Zambales10)Local Government of Llanera, Nueva Ecija11)Llanera Municipal Cooperative & Entrepreneurship Development Office (MCEDO)12)Llanera Teachers Association Multipurpose Cooperative13)Mariveles Public Market Development Cooperative14)Angeles City National High School Multipurpose Cooperative15)Watchlife Workers Multipurpose Cooperative16)Moncada Women's Credit Cooperative17)Iwahori Multi-Purpose Cooperative18)Mother Rita Multipurpose Cooperative (MOTHER RITA MPC)19)Parish of St. Francis of Assisi Meycauayan Credit & Development Cooperative20)Mahabang Parang Waterworks Cooperative21)St. Francis Development Cooperative22)Abucay Multipurpose Cooperative23)San Jose Del Monte Savings and Credit Cooperative24)St. Martin of Tours Credit and Development Cooperative (SMTCDC)25)Little Angel de San Jose School House Foundation, Inc. Laboratory Cooperative26)Mariveles Public Market Development Laboratory Cooperative27)Aflatoun Laboratory Cooperative28)Bulilit Savings Tipid Movement Laboratory Cooperative29)Iwahori Laboratory Cooperative (ILC)30)Mother Rita Laboratory Cooperative31)St. Francis Laboratory Cooperative32)St. Michael Laboratory Cooperative of Mahabang Parang Waterworks Cooperative33)KAMASAKA Laboratory Cooperative34)Carigara Community Laboratory Cooperative of AMPC35)SJDM Kiddie & Youth Laboratory Cooperative (SKYLABCOOP) Laboratory Cooperative of San Jose del Monte Savings and Credit Cooperative36)SMC Youth Laboratory Cooperative37) Cooperative Development AUthority Cordillera Administrative Region


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  • 2 131


  • 63 919

Global Money Week was celebrated for the 5th time in the Philippines since 2018 where the activities were conducted in a blended mode: face-to-face and online. Throughout the Global Money Week 2023, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) through its Economic and Financial Learning Office was able to reach close to 60,000 people by creating social media cards and shared financial education videos that focused on informing and engaging the youth in conversation about having a sustainable financial journey. These included the following content: Questions that kids are curious about money and how to answer these; Filipino values that are important in personal finance management; Benefits of investing early; Cost comparison depicting sustainable lifestyles. The two videos had diferent content. One video represented a recording of the learning session during the FinEd Stakeholders Expo 2021 featuring the personal finance testimonials from celebrities and social media influencers such as Mr. Piolo Pascual, Mr. Nico Bolzico, and Mr. Rodel Flordeliz, while the second video was a recording of the learning session during the FinEd Stakeholders Expo 2022 which reminds Filipinos, young and old, that self-care also includes taking care of one’s financial health. The Regional launch was conducted via the Zoom Platform spearheaded by the CDA Region III Extension Office in collaboration with the Central Luzon Regional Cooperative Council (CLRCDC) along with the 12 Guardian Cooperatives of the region, the local government units, and other primary cooperatives. Meanwhile, a municipal-wide launching was also held in the Municipality of Llanera, Nueva Ecija. Several webinars were conducted during the week on financial literacy topics. Other activities included distribution of passbook to new members of Laboratory Cooperative and Financial Literacy Training by Llanera Teachers Association Multipurpose Cooperative and MCEDO Llanera, Nueva Ecija; orientation on the importance of savings and training on capital build-up; alkansiya making contest and poster making contest; zumba for the youth; quiz bee; poster and slogan-making contest; and various seminars; fun run “Hataw Takbo Bataan 3k,5k, 10K Fun Run Event”;  and many more online activities. The online activities included: Kahoot for the youth; Online Tiktok dance challenge and online slogan contest. Aside from these, the members (young people) of the Laboratory Cooperatives in Region III participated in social media contests spearheaded by Cooperative Development Authority Region III that were uploaded to the CDA Region III Extension Office fan page for educational purposes and to reach more young people aligned to the theme "Plan your Money, Plant your future". The CDA Region III EO concluded the week-long celebration through the virtual culmination cum awards and recognition of the different GMW stakeholders. 

2022 The Philippines Global Money Week


  • Cooperative Development Authority


  • The Central Bank of The Philippines (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas - BSP), Development Bank of the Philippines, Sta. Cruz Savings and Development Cooperative (SACDECO), National Youth Commission, ALNEMPCO laboratory cooperative, NATCCO Youth Cooperative, MIFEDCO MIMARO Island Federation of Coops, Central Isulan Teachers Employees, Retirees Multipurpose Cooperative (CITERMPCO), Pru Life UK


  • 49


  • 22,193


  • 22,855


  • 374,580

The Cooperative Development Authority celebrated Global Money Week 2022 with various activities at the national and regional level. Despite the ongoing pandemic, virtual and face-to-face activities were organised and implemented following health protocols. The GMW kicked off with the nationwide launching on March 21, which was spearheaded by CDA Head Office under the stewardship of Finance Cooperatives Cluster Head who explained the rationale behind the GMW campaign. CDA Chairperson expressed his full support and highlighted the importance of financial literacy and education for youth. National Youth Commission Chairperson shared how banking and savings are not common among the Filipino youth and therefore CDA’s initiative to advocate financial literacy through the Global Money Week is an important step to change the youth’s mindset about savings. The regional director shared about region III’s experiences in organising GMW activities in previous years. Education, Advocacy and Union Cluster gave a closing speech by linking the importance of this campaign to the global movement towards quality education and the support of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A total of 421 participants joined the Zoom meeting while 558 accessed the launching via Facebook Live. Among the Zoom participants, 151 were from the youth sector.

At the national level, the CDA Head Office organised two financial literacy webinars. One for youth and another one for teachers. During a financial literacy webinar for youth, the Development Bank of the Philippines’ speakers talked about financing, debt management, and the programmes that DBP implements. Strategies on how the youth of today save their money and budget their allowance were also tackled. SACDECO Marketing Manager, shared the best practices of their cooperative. He also mentioned the different savings and financial literacy programmes of their lab. He highlighted the fact that we need to invest in youth and be able to prepare them for the futures. A total of 426 Zoom participants attended the webinar, 63% of which were between ages 8-30. While Global Money Week is essentially focused on youth, it is very important to include teachers in the GMW activities. This is in recognition of their vital role in guiding the young and educating them to be financially smart and resilient. In line with this, the CDA Head Office requested the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to become speakers in the financial literacy webinar for Teachers’ Cooperatives. A total of 255 participants registered in this Zoom meeting.

At the regional level, CDA Regional Offices conducted their own GMW activities. Among these were TikTok challenge, poster making contest, money management webinar, business proposal writing contest, “Virtual Escape Room Challenge - Financial Literacy Edition”, drawing contest, eMoney webinar, and more. A total of 2,193 children, youth, and young adults participated in all GMW activities of CDA’s Head Office and 1,594 adults and 47 institutions participated in their regional offices. It is estimated that a total of 14,808 individuals were reached indirectly through social media and other forms of communication.

Throughout Global Money Week 2022, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) along with its partners reached over 20,000 youth and professionals through digital activities such as social media campaigns under PisoLit, the financial education platform of the BSP on Facebook and Instagram. The BSP also shared multimedia educational materials on key personal finance topics through the PisoLit platform.

Pru Life UK held an open-to-public virtual event under its online financial literacy programme. The PRUWise Webinars were titled "Build Your Future: Be Smart About Money Today" and organised via Zoom on March 25. The specific episode was dedicated to the 11th anniversary of Cha-Ching celebration in support of Global Money Week.

The two-hour event featured a live virtual interview with the award-winning Filipino host and millennial businessman, who shared his success story, financial tips and strategies aimed at inspiring and guiding the young participants to achieve their life goals and build their financial futures.

The episode featured a learning session with in-house financial experts from Pru Life UK. These experts provided professional advice. Their call-to-action focused on the six financial pillars (earn, save, spend, protect, invest, and give).

As a way to engage the participants, a posting contest on the Pulse Wealth Smarts Community was also conducted, wherein participants could share their learning experience and takeaways.

2021 Philippines Global Money Week


  • Cooperative Development Authority Region III, Provincial Cooperative Development Council – Bulacan, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Cotabato Branch, Abucay Multipurpose Cooperative, Iwahori Multipurpose Cooperative, Ligas Kooperatiba ng Bayan sa Pagpapaunlad, Llanera Municipal Cooperative Development Office, Mahabang Parang Waterworks Cooperative, Mariveles Public Market Development Cooperative, Parish of St. Francis of Asissi Meycauayan CDC, San Jose del Monte Savings and Credit Cooperatuve, San Miguel de Marilao, St. Martin of Tours CDC, Watchlife Workers MPV Moncada Women's Credit Cooperative, Saint Francis Development Cooperative, 1 Cooperative Insurance of the Philippines Life & General Insurance, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas-San Fernando Branch, CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative, HOLCIM Bulacan Multipurpose Cooperative, PCEDO Aurora, PCEDO Bulacan, PCEDO Bataan, PCEDO Tarlac, PCEDO Nueva Ecija, Central Luzon Regional Cooperative Development Council, Local Government of Llanera, Nueva Ecija, Abucay Community Laboratory Cooperative, Iwahori Laboratory Cooperative, Ligas Integrated School, Little Angels de San Jose House Foundation Lab Coop, St. Michael Laboratory Cooperative, Mariveles Public Market Development Laboratory Cooperative, St. Francis Laboratory Cooperative, Angelican School of Marilao Inc., Taal Elementary School, Aflatoun Laboratory Cooperative, Bulilit Savings Tipid Movement Laboratory Cooperative, KASAMAKA Laboratory Cooperative, Pampanga High School, Cooperative Development Authority Philippines, Provincial Cooperative and Enterprise Development Office, Cooperative Development Authority Region 3, Parish of St. Francis De Assisi of Meycauayan Credit and Development Cooperative, Mahabang Parang Waterworks Cooperative, Ligas Kooperatiba ng Bayan sa Pagpapaunlad, St. Martin of Tours Credit and Development Cooperative San Miguel De Marilao Mpc, SAn Jose Del Monte Savings and Credit Cooperative, Holcim Philippines Multi-Purpose Cooperative


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  • 1,913


  • 1,448


  • 27,658

Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Region III launched this year’s Global Money Week as “Thriftiness Monday” featuring a webinar on “Financial Literacy” via Zoom and Facebook live stream on March, 22nd. CDA Regional Office III once again led the launch of Global Money Week along with its 39 partners from laboratory cooperatives, guardian cooperatives, financial institutions, government agencies, and other stakeholders. The launch was attended by almost 150 individuals via Zoom and by additional viewers from CDA RO III Facebook live stream.

During the event, the keynote speaker emphasised on the importance of taking care of ourselves to achieve our dreams. Ten teams of cooperatives from different provinces of the region participated in an online game “Let’s Hakoot-IT” in Kahoot! The online game had three categories: the easy, moderate and hard. Cash prizes were offered to the winners of all these categories.

On March 23rd, numerous young people took part in a poster making contest, an online essay and slogan writing competition, online challenge for business proposals, creating TikTok videos on budgeting tips, ceremonial planting of sunflower seeds of hope by lta mpc Laboratory Cooperative, digital financial literacy seminar, photo contest, and many more.

In addition, entries to the documentaries on the “Young Filipino Savers” and to “Spoken Poetry Competition” were posted on social media alongside the webinar. Activities on “Wellness Wednesday” on 24th March emphasised the overall wellness of young people, the need for support, opportunities and encouragement to strive and to achieve financial well-being.

The Culminating cum Awards and Recognition Programme was held on March 26th as part of the “Victorious Friday.” Zoom and livestreaming were used to present awards and certificates to different Cooperative Development Authority partners for GMW2021. Winners of the documentary “Young Filipino Savers” and “Spoken Poetry Competition” were announced.

The Province of Bulacan, Philippines, through the Provincial Cooperative and Enterprise Development Office along with its partner cooperatives and members was able to reached 1,065 children and youth during the Global Money Week 2021 celebrations. Activities were conducted through virtual platform such as vlogging (TikTok Tips on Financial Literacy), essay writing contest, business proposal writing contest, spoken poetry, inspiring video documentary of successful young savers, creative dialogue reading, logo design competition and Young Entrepreneur Business Proposal.

An online Trivia Game was held through the EFLC Cotabato Facebook Page during Global Money Week 2021. EFLC Cotabato Page is an online advocacy platform of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Cotabato Branch. Most of the participants were students and teachers from locations in areas under Region 12 and the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM). Daily winners were awarded prizes through their respective e-wallet accounts.

2019 Philippines Global Money Week


  • Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines) - Cotabato Branch
  • Cooperative Development Authority - Pampanga Extension Office in partnership with Central Luzon Regional Cooperative Development Council (CLRCDC)
  • MSU-IIT National Multi purpose Cooperative
  • Paglaum Multi Purpose Cooperative, Paglaum Youth LabCoop
  • Provincial Cooperative Development Council - Bulacan


  • 11 Municipalities, 16 Schools, 3 Provinces, Abucay Multipurpose Cooperative, ASCCOM Multipurpose Cooperative, Central Luzon Regional Cooperative Development Council, Central Luzon Regional League - Philippine Federation of Credit Cooperative, Cooperative Development Authority - Pampanga Extension Office, Department of Education, Department of Education - Cotabato City Division, Economic Enterprise Development Offices, Iwahori Multipurpose Cooperative, Knowledge Resource Collection (KRCs) in Sultan Kudarat State University and Kidawapan City Library and Information Hub, Llanera Teachers Association Multipurpose Cooperative, Mahabang Parang Waterworks Cooperative, Mariveles Public Market Development Cooperative, Moncada Women’s Credit Cooperative, Mother Rita Multipurpose Cooperative, MSU-IIT National Coop Academy, Municipal Cooperative Development Office of Marilao, Bulacan, Municipality of Llanera, Nueva Ecija, Municipality of San Luis, Aurora, Office of Market Administrator of Cotabato City, Parish of St. Francis of Assisi Meycauayan Credit & Development Cooperative, Provincial Cooperative and Enterprise Development Office, San Jose Del Monte Savings and Credit Cooperative, San Miguel de Marilao Multipurpose Cooperative, St. Francis Development Cooperative, St. John Academy of Bayanihan Inc., St. John Bayanihan Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Watchlife Workers Multipurpose Cooperative


  • 3 174


  • 9 528

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines) - Cotabato Branch
The Central Bank of the Philippines Cotabato Branch, through its Economic and Financial Learning Center (EFLC) organised multiple activities under GMW2019 theme “Learn.Save.Earn”. For the “Learn” section public information campaigns to multi-stakeholders, including students, teachers, government employees, and market officials were conducted. The lecture dealt with “Security Features of the Philippine Currency Banknotes and Coins”, to raise awareness to prevent counterfeiting, “Clean Note and Coin Policy”, to preserve the integrity of the currency, and “Coin Re-circulation”, to highlight the importance of coins as legal tender. Furthermore, Monitoring of Knowledge Resource Collection (KRC) in selected college libraries were distributed. KRCs are repository of information materials, produced by the Central Bank in areas of money, banking and credit. For the “Save” section, banks, who unveiled the Banking on Your Future (BOYF) Programme, a child friendly account that encourages students to formalize their savings activity from piggy banks to actual saving accounts, were awarded the Bank Kiddie Savers award. Finally, for the “Earn” section, students in Vocational, Arts and Trades courses in high schools, unveiled a National Certification, which allows them to work and earn.

Cooperative Development Authority - Pampanga Extension Office in partnership with Central Luzon Regional Cooperative Development Council (CLRCDC)
In line with the Cooperative Development Authority - Pampanga Extension Office's (CDA-PEO) programme on Laboratory cooperatives, the Authority celebrated GMW2019, based on this year’s theme “Learn.Save.Earn”. The Week was launched by the Municipal Cooperative Development Office, together with its partners and was attended by local school children, who had participated in the Coin Bank Contest. A recognition of the best savers was also conducted. Throughout the Week, a multitude of activities were organised, including an awareness raising parade, distributions of piggy-banks, poster making contests, money saving activities, essay writing contests, poetry competitions, and selfie challenges. Visits to money museums and local corporations were organised. Children visited the Villar SIPAG, where they learnt how plastic waste is manufactured into school chairs. At the money museum, the youth learnt about the evolution of coins and banks notes, arranged from the Pre-Hispanic Period to the present. To close the Week, local governments and teacher associations conducted a Financial Literacy Seminar, for children and youth.

MSU-IIT National Multi purpose Cooperative
GMW2019 was a meaningful and memorable event for the students at MSU-IIT National Coop Academy. The students expanded their knowledge through the On-The-Spot Essay Writing Competition on the topic, "Why is it important to save?" for grade school and "If I were an entrepreneur, what business I would own and why?" for high school. The Cooperative also conducted dance performances, Aflatoun-led singing events, and a photo booth, which showcases different talents of children. An award ceremony was held for top Aflatoun savers to recognize the efforts made by the children and to motivate them to save more. MSU-IIT National Multi-Purpose Cooperative continues its advocacy of social and financial education for children and youth, by providing fun learning experiences and integrating strategies to improve knowledge and understanding of social and financial education.

Paglaum Multi Purpose Cooperative
Everyday of GMW2019, Paglaum Multi Purpose Cooperative and Paglaum Youth Team organised activities for children of 12 participating schools. The Week was launched with a Financial Literacy Session and the “Ways to Save” Bingo game, where students were able to share their different techniques and strategies to save money. Additionally, throughout the Week, interactive financial literacy lectures and learning sessions were organised. The sessions were facilitated by Financial Literacy Advisors, all of whom are also employees of Paglaum. The interactive sessions allowed the students to not just learn from the facilitators, but also from their fellow students, making the activities fun, and they inspired the young people to start saving for money at an early age.

Provincial Cooperative Development Council - Bulacan
For GMW2019 various activities were organised. The Week was launched with a formal opening programme, after which activities, such as money bank, poster, and essay writing contests began. A drawing contest was held on the theme, “Importance of Saving”. An essay writing contest was held on the theme, “Why is it important to Save?”. Additionally, “My Money Bank Making” Contest was held under the theme, “My Dream Bank”.

2018 Philippines Global Money Week


  • Central Bank of the Philippines
  • Cooperative Development Authority (Pampanga Extension Office)
  • MSU-IIT National Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MSU-IIT NMPC)


  • Abucay Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Aflatoun International, Cooperative Bank of Cotabato, Department of Education, Department of Trade and Industry, Holy Family Progressive School, Iwahori Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Llanera Teachers Association Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Mahabang Parang Waterworks Cooperative, Mariveles Public Market Development cooperative, Moncada Women Credit Cooperative, MSU-IIT National Coop Academy (an education cooperative and subsidiary of MSU-IIT NMPC), Office of the Municipal Mayor, Marilao, Bulacan, Parish of St. Francis Assisi Meycauayan Credit and Development Cooperative, St .Francis Development Cooperative, Standard Chartered Bank, Superama Supermart, Watchlife Workers Multipurpose Cooperative, 7 Schools


  • 1 112


  • 700

Central Bank of the Philippines
The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) joined the celebration of the GMW2018. In order to raise awareness and to inspire the children to be financially responsible, the BSP encouraged public elementary schools to join in various activities. Initiatives of the BSP included the following: a webcast conference between schools from different provinces, public information campaigns, saving and money management initiatives for schoolchildren and teachers, photo and selfie challenges, and turnover of fit coins for recirculation to Superama Supermart Branches. BSP Cotabato Branch personnel donned GMW shirts as part of the event's branding style and promotion. Pictures were posted in the Facebook pages of Guro ng Pag-Asa and EFLC Cotabato Branch. Cash prizes and tokens were awarded to winners of the GMW’s Most Liked Photos on the EFLC Cotabato Facebook page. External activities included a series of financial empowerment sessions with various stakeholders, i.e., bankers, local entrepreneurs, junior and senior high school students, and teachers. Topics discussed included personal finance, saving, security features of the Philippine currency, frauds and scams, the BSP Clean Note and Coin Policy, coin recirculation, and other BSP initiatives.

Cooperative Development Authority (Pampanga Extension Office)
Cooperative Development Authority in Pampanga led GMW celebrations under the theme “Money Matters Matter”. The first event allowed 95 student members of the laboratory cooperative to the launch celebration and to visit the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Printing and Minting Complex. The children witnessed the printing of bank notes, judicial forms and other security documents. After seeing the production process, an open forum was conducted where children asked questions on financial matters. These questions were answered by a representative of the BSP Customer Relations and Services Division. The children also visited the House of Representatives. They attended a Meet and Greet session with their respective District Representatives. They had the opportunity to witness the opening of a session of the 17th Congress and heard issues being tackled by various District and Party Representatives. Throughout the Week various cooperatives conducted different activities. These activities included Money Box Challenge, Slogan Making Contest, Poster Making Contest, Selfie Challenge, Jingle Making Contest, Unity Walk and Hugot Challenge. Finally, seminars on financial literacy and counterfeit detection were carried out. These events took place at Pambayang Dalubhasaan ng Marilao and were sponsored by MCDO-Marilao, Bulacan. A Financial Literacy Forum and a Counterfeit detection seminar were organised. The forum enabled children to recognize and analyse the skills needed to handle one’s resources efficiently for lifetime security. Also, they learnt how to distinguish various security features of the Philippine bank notes. Through the GMW celebrations, the children gained experience that will influence their spending and saving habits. As economically empowered citizens, the children can now create a positive future for themselves, their families and the whole community.

MSU-IIT National Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MSU-IIT NMPC)
GMW2018 was a meaningful and memorable event for the students at MSU-IIT National Coop Academy and Holy Family Progressive School in Iligan City. The students expanded their knowledge on why social and financial education matters to everyone. The students designed “Money Matters Matter” posters in Poster Making and Slogan Competitions. Students also made their own money boxes and participated in the GMW Selfie Challenge. The Cooperative also conducted a fashion show, dance presentation, Aflatoun-led singing event and photo booth, which showcases different styles and talents of the children. Moreover, a video presentation was created to summarize the activities that were conducted during Week. MSU-IIT National Multi-Purpose Cooperative will continue its advocacy on social and financial education for children and youth by providing fun learning experiences and integrating strategies to improve knowledge and understanding about social and financial education.

2016 Philippines Money Week




  • 14th - 18th of March


  • 20 000


  • 100 000

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) led the Global Money Week celebrations in the Philippines, where the bank partnered and coordinated with the Department of Education (DepEd), Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP), Bank Marketing Association of the Philippines (BMAP), Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) and various schools across the country. Additionally, the Commission for Filipinos Overseas (CFO), Children International (CI) – Philippines, and the Paglaum Multi-Purpose Cooperative also independently organised activities to join the celebrations.

Launched during Global Money Week, BSP organised sessions with DepEd K-to-12 curriculum trainers, representing each regional and divisional office in the country, about the BSP-DepEd Financial Education programme. The objective of the sessions was to train public school teachers on integrating and enhancing financial lessons in the public elementary school curriculum contained in the BSP-DepEd Teaching Guides for Financial Education.

To engage children, visits to the BSP Money Museum were organised, which houses BSP’s collection of currencies from the Philippines and those of other countries. A savings campaign and Money Box Challenge was also organised, where the “Best Decorated” box was awarded with a certificate and a cash prize to match their savings. Moreover, the highest individual savers were also given awards and limited BSP Tandang Sora commemorative coins. BSP also collaborated with SCB to take public school children on an educational trip: Grade 5 students of Pembo Elementary School in Makati City were treated to a field trip to receive a brief orientation on basic banking processes and concepts. To add to the celebrations, BSP coordinated a video conference between Grade 6 students of San Ildefonso Elementary School, in Bulacan, and Russian students, on creative ways to save and earn money while learning about each other’s savings habits, money management skills and culture.

Philippine National Bank (PNB), together with the largest media conglomerate in the country (ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, or ALKFI), undertook a financial education project entitled “Young and Empowered Students for the Philippines” (YESPh), which motivated top savers with awards and cash prizes credited directly to their savings accounts. In addition, PNB also brought their “Bank-on Wheels” to various schools, an armored truck converted into a mobile bank branch.

Paglaum Multi-purpose Cooperative also organised a range of activities during the week kicked-off with a motorcade around their province. Following this, 250 students joined the first recycling campaign in their community, where they were taught about the importance of GMW and financial literacy for the youth, along with essay writing and poster making contests that were conducted for elementary and high school students around the theme “Take Part. Save Smart!” In addition, Grades 4 to 6 students participated in a piggy bank making contest. Finally, to ensure a holistic approach to GMW, the Paglaum MPC also organised a financial planning seminar for public school teachers.

Additionally, Children International implemented a variety of activities to engage children and youth in learning about responsible spending and saving habits. In Bicol, students were able to visit a money museum and see the variety of currencies collected. In addition, students took part in an art contest to raise financial awareness, plays that taught about children’s rights and a reflection session over the value of money. In Manila, facilitators had the opportunity to share their Aflatoun experience with facilitators in Indonesia via a Skype call. The programme was promoted through a large event, where participants saw skits, played games, and received souvenirs. In Quezon City, youth played a budget basket game to learn about spending, saving, and planning responsibly. Youth also pledged to save money for the future, whether it was for school supplies, a trip, or emergency fund.

2015 Philippines Money Week



  • 9th - 17th of March


  • 5 736

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP or the Central Bank of the Philippines) took the lead in celebrating Global Money Week this year in the Philippines. To promote the cause of financial literacy for both young and the old, the Central Bank partnered with Commission for Filipinos Overseas (CFO), Department of Education (DepEd), Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP), Bank Marketing Association of the Philippines (BMAP), various schools and bank. The De La Salle University (DLSU) MBA Finance Society, Children International (CI) – Philippines, and the Paglaum Multi-Purpose Cooperative also organised different set of activities to celebrate the week.

The Central Bank in cooperation with DepEd organised multiple sessions on “Financial Education and Savings Promotion”. The sessions focused on stressing and advancing the habit of savings, growing awareness about the difference between a want and a need, developing self-confidence and belief in themselves and how they could take charge of their futures.

To facilitate sharing of experiences, a web conference was hosted for grade 5 students from Baguio Special Education Center with grade 5 and 6 students from Butuan City Special Education Center. Another web conference was organised between grade 5 students from Baguio Special Education Center and high school students from Russia (through Russian Gymnasium #1552) and primary school students from Brunei Darussalam (through the Ministry of Education of Brunei Darussalam).

The Central Bank worked with the Bankers Association of the Philippines and the Bank Marketing Association of the Philippines to launch the Kiddie Account Programme, the country’s premier financial inclusion programme targeted at delivering child-friendly children savings accounts.

To promote good saving habits by celebrating success stories, the Central Bank awarded the “Bida sa Pag-iimpok” Award (Leader in Savings Award) to Rexza Mae Panaligan, a grade 5 student of Santa Barbara Elementary School. Her story and interview was then published as a video on the “Bida sa Pag-iimpok” Facebook page. In the video, she shares her personal insight on her financial literacy advocacy. On March 18th, the “Guro ng Pag-Asa” (Teacher of Hope) Award Ceremony for the best financial educators in public elementary schools in 2014 was organised. The programme recognized the teachers who have demonstrated excellence in teaching and integrating lessons on savings, money management, and entrepreneurship in the public elementary schools.

The Commission for Filipino Overseas disseminated the video “PESO Sense Tips for Students” across the country. The video was developed to make Filipino children more aware about the importance of financial literacy, savings, and the understanding about the value of money.

Addressing young adults, the DLSU MBA Finance Society organised a seminar for college freshmen students with the theme “Save Today. Safe Tomorrow.”. In this seminar, MBA Finance students of DLSU were able to share their knowledge and skills with other students. The initiative targeted students to become more aware of developing the habit of saving and how they could shape their future - to be able to help themselves and their communities.

In Plaridel in South Philippines, Global Money Week was celebrated under the leadership of Paglaum Multi-Purpose Cooperative and in coordination with the Plaridel Rural Bank, Looc National High School, Looc Elementary School, and Mamanga Daku Elementary School. A motorcade to promote the event went around the town and a visit to financial institutions was organised to raise the awareness about money matters among youth. Workshops on financial literacy for teens were also organised through Paglaum’s “Youth Teen Savers” programme. CYFI’s Youth Talks were also organised that provided an opportunity for Filipino youth in Plaridel to interact with their peers from around the world.

In Tabaco, Children International (CI) organised a 2-day Financial Literacy Seminar-cum-Workshop to allow youth to analyse financial issues affecting them, and identify concrete steps and learn technical skills to respond to these issues. An official from the Department of Agriculture of Bicol University and an entrepreneur coached the participants on several topics such as: Factors affecting Financial Condition among Filipinos; Financial Values: Excerpts from the 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich (How Can you Create Material Wealth and Gain Spiritual Abundance); and Financial Planning.

In Legazpi, CI partnered with Bogtong Elementary School, Arimbay High School, Homapon High School, and Pawa High School to organised activities for Global Money Week celebration. Activities focusing on financial education and savings like presentations, plays, poster making, and essay writing were conducted. "Finding Resources Game", a game to promote and strengthen financial skills of the youth, was conducted where children learnt to create and present of proposals.

In the National Capital Region (NCR) of the Philippines, CI organised an international skype call with other CI partners from the Netherlands, Bosnia, and Zimbabwe. Children shared their experiences, motivations for saving and learning. Presentations on savings, spending, planning and budgeting for high school students were also made. In Quezon City, CI organised a film screening for elementary and high school kids to promote the concept of savings and financial planning.

2014 Philippines Money Week



  • 18th February - 14th March


  • 3 000


  • 50 000

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas along with Department of Education, Bankers Association of the Philippines and many others organised a series of activities prior to and during Global Money Week. Among others, children and students had the opportunity to learn about money management, discuss digital multimedia campaigns and develop entrepreneurial skills in a range of different activities that started on February 18th and continued through to the March 18th.

About 130 high school students from De La Salle Integrated School participated in a museum tour where they learnt about the role of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) in the economy through a series of explanatory videos, interactive discussions and presentations.

The University of San Carlos in Cebu City hosted a series of briefings undertaken by the Bankers Association of the Philippines for the beneficiaries of Overseas Filipino Workers. The main themes of the day were basic saving and money management, investment opportunities for students and avoiding of financial frauds.

In a visit at the BSP Money Museum, 39 children from Kiddopreneur had the opportunity to learn about how money works through a series of games and interactive activities meant to develop their entrepreneurial skills. Moreover, in a dialogue with the Deputy Governor of the BSP the children received answers to their questions and deepened their understanding of monetary processes.

The College of St. Benilde hosted a Digital Social Design Interface Conference where 200 students of the Multimedia Arts Faculty discussed and conceptualized digital multimedia campaigns for use for advocacy campaigns, among these being financial literacy.

The Teacher of Hope Awards is a programme that nominates and promotes the best teachers that managed to integrate lessons on saving, money management and entrepreneurship in the public elementary school system. About 100 children visited Sta. Barbara Elementary School in Iloilo to learn more about financial education and to recognize the achievements of the awardees in this school and community.

Throughout an entire month, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in cooperation with BSP ran “Bamboo to Bangko” a national savings promotion programme for children in different schools, colleges, academies and universities. More than 1200 children were taught about savings and money management through fun and interactive activities that culminated with them breaking their Bamboo Coin Banks to use the money for opening a bank account.

In Tabaco City, children from Sagurong Elementray School celebrated Aflatoun Day and Global Money week by hosting a Health and Sanitation Campaign with the theme of “I learn, I save, I educate.” This year’s celebration focused on the second core element – Rights and Responsibilities – which gives emphasis on the “Right to Health” and the responsibility that individuals have to keep themselves healthy through preventive health practices. A specific emphasis was given on the prevention of Hepatitis A and measles. A total of 706 school children and 20 teachers participated in this event.

In Quezon City, Legazpi and Tabaco City, the field locations hosted an orientation with over 300 children, parents and volunteers to introduce them to BPI Globe BanKo, a mobile banking and micro-level savings product. This product was jointly created by the Bank of the Philippine Islands, Globe Telecommunications and the Ayala Foundation. Not only did the attendees learn about this mobile banking service, but many also opened their accounts.

In Manila, youth participated in the International Aflatoun Skype call and also hosted a celebration event at a local high school. During the Skype call, 13 youth interacted with 20 young children from Sri Lanka who are part of the early education programme of Aflatoun, called Aflatot. At Maligaya High School, 99 youth participated in the Aflatoun Day Celebration in which former Aflateen Facilitators led activities with the youth and promoted the five core elements of Aflatoun.

In Legazpi, the CI field office conducted a mock-up banking activity in a local elementary school and within the community. This activity provided an opportunity for almost 400 children to learn about the banking system and practice banking transactions such as filling out deposit and withdrawal slips. The following topics were highlighted in this activity: the use and importance of money; how to spend and save responsibly; how to save money in banks; and the procedures in opening a bank account.

2013 Philippines Money Week


  • Children International Philippines


  • 19th of March

The 16th of March marked “Save for a Brighter Day” at Children International in Quezon City in observance of Global Money Week. The community event attended by sponsored children and their parents focused on saving for a brighter future.

Children enjoyed a puppet show about saving, games, interactive discussions and the making of recycled coin banks. Aflatoun Club Co-Facilitators led the discussions and performed the puppet show inspired by the classic fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper”.

As part of the programme, a representative from the National Confederation of Cooperatives Philippines (also an Aflatoun partner), Hazel Ann Mangaya, gave a speech on the importance of child savings and gave advice on how families can save regardless of their economic status. She also discussed how they can have access to child-friendly banking. “Do not give poverty as an excuse, but rather use it as a challenge. The ability to save is not just about how much you earn, but more importantly how much you keep.” Hazel Ann Mangaya Saving, Aflatoun-style

As part of the event, the children were asked to bring any kind of boxes or bottles and, with the assistance of the Club Co-facilitators, designed what they brought to be their own Aflatoun Box. Three participants with the most creative boxes received prizes from the Aflatoun programme.

Sponsored child Paul Pasumala, seven years old, said that after the activity, he will store in his box his favorite school things and he also wants to save coins for food. Ever since he joined Aflatoun, he has been teaching his younger sibling to save instead of spending for unnecessary things.

Paul’s mother, meanwhile, is inspired to set aside money from her husband’s income from his security guard job. “We want to start saving early for our children’s college education. I also look forward for my son to have a savings account in a cooperative through Aflatoun. I’m glad I came here,” she said.


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