gmw2019 financialrally

Financial Literacy Rally

Organize a big Financial Literacy Rally with partners in your country to promote financial education and the rights’ of the children and youth together with Child and Youth Finance Movement.

Participants can include all the institutions that plan GMW events in your country. Plan high-level keynote speeches with a clear message.

Inform press and media to come and document.

Note! Don’t forget to print GMW t-shirts for the rally!

Nepal GMW2015

Nepal Rastra Bank, in cooperation with UNICEF Nepal, organized a Grand Financial Literacy Rally with about 4000 people on 14 March to promote Child and Youth Finance International’s Global Money Week. The Rally was represented by some 50 institutions, including bank and financial institutions, schools, scouts, cooperatives, NGOs, donor agencies, INGOs, and others. For this rally, Nepal Rastra Bank printed shirts with Child and Youth Finance International and its logo. The backside of the shirts had the Global Money Week 2015 dates and the theme “Save Today, Safe Tomorrow” printed on it. The rally was inaugurated and addressed by the Governor of Nepal Rastra Bank. Many high level authorities of Nepal Rastra Bank participated in the rally.