gmw2019 bus

GMW Bus Delivering Financial Literacy Workshops Around the Country

Don’t forget to think outside the box and make it possible for everyone to take part in GMW2018! Create a GMW bus that can tour through all the counties in the country and reach children and youth in rural areas, too! The buses can have learning facilities to teach youngsters about money and savings, such as computers with financial games, books, and brochures.

Money School on Wheels in Romania GMW2018

For GMW2017, Banca Commerciala Romana organised multiple events with its partners attempting to teach the youth about creating a budget, difference between needs and wants, and saving for the future. Money School on Wheels, a truck adapted to function as a financial literacy exhibition, offered workshops for children aged 7-14 on those financial topics.


Educational caravans toured in Macedonia during GMW2017

The GMW in Macedonia was celebrated across three days with organised educational caravans using the educational buses. Five regulators along with the partners, Alliance of Microfinance Organisations, Bureau for Development of Education, and Stock Exchange reached 3000 children and youth through financial literacy awareness sessions and educational visits on 29 March in the cities Veles and Negotino. The same occurred on 5 April in the cities Tetovo and Gostivar, and on 7 April in the cities Ohrid and Struga.


Schools reached by a federal truck in Belgium during GMW2016

For Global Money Week 2016, Belgium organised a federal truck that crisscrossed the entire country during the Week, stopping at various schools. During the visit, pupils played the budget game budg€tPRET/Gère tes pépètes in the Federal Truck and they could also leave a message in the chatterbox.


The Emirates Foundation Mobile Bus received over 700 visitors in UAE during GMW2015

The Emirates Foundation Mobile Bus travelled to the Taweya exhibition in Sharjah and received more than 700 visitors. Financial literacy workshops were delivered to students from all ages and more than 35 schools visited the bus.

The Mobile Bus was stationed outside the main entrance of Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi’s largest mall, where students started visiting the bus and explored the information material inside. Fun educational activities took a place during the workshops. That included quizzes on financial literacy topics such as savings, budgeting and investing. Emirates Foundation customized savings mugs were distributed to winners. Inclusion is at the heart of what the Emirates Foundation preaches and practices. Global Money Week reached out to friends at the AL Noor Centre for Special Needs. Fun filled activities were conducted for students of the center. Children were introduced to the bus and then spent an hour familiarizing themselves with the audio-visual aids on board. The iPads in the bus, which are filled with fun and educational games, kept the children engaged for the first half of the session. This was followed up with a savings activity in which the Emirates Foundation customized savings mugs were distributed to all the students and students were taught how the mugs are to be used, why it’s important to save and all the great things we can buy with our savings!


Saudi Arabia upgraded their mobile caravan to a high-tech financial literacy bus for GMW2014

During GMW2014, the Saudi Capital Markets authority had just finished the final touches in the smart investor Bus as a replacement to the mobile caravan. The Capital Markets Authority used the bus in the “smart investor” tours around the kingdom during holidays, festivals, outdoor activities and in public parks and malls. The bus included TV screens to show our programs, ATM touch screens, stands and public touch screens including all the financial literacy programme materials.


Mobile classroom in Colombia during GMW2014

During Global Money Week 2014, the younger children of Colombia had fun learning about savings in a mobile classroom. They rode around the city in a bus making their own their own piggy banks.

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