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Organise Financial Education Fairs or Plan Open Markets

Educative and interactive fairs are a great idea to showcase the work of different institution and bring youth together. Interactive financial games and workshops can be part of it so that the students learn new skills and can interact with others.

Kenyan children set up a marketplace to finance their own leisure during GMW2018

Students of Cardinal Elementary School Utawala, facilitated by All I Can Be Ltd, were actively engaged in learning about money. The children set up and operated a real market place, through which they modeled various scenarios, which facilitated understanding of the market environment. They experienced purchase, sales, aftersales processes, and related considerations as well as challenges. All sales proceeds went towards supporting their respective club activities.


Indonesia planned GMW festival in GMW2017

As main event, the Global Money Week Festival was held at the Central Library of University of Indonesia on Saturday, 1 April 2017. More than 450 youth participated in the festival with 7 financial experts as speakers, 6 attractive booths representing financial institutions, 3 interesting topics talk shows (1. Business Tips for Beginners; 2. Protect Your Future Early; 3. Be Fearless in Investing;), and two fun financial games as well as cool art performances.

Children’s Fair in Kyrgyzstan during GMW2017

One of the largest shopping malls of Bishkek hosted a children’s fair, where children took on the role of entrepreneurs and sold goods of their own produce. Considering the large number of participants and the high interest of the visitors, such fairs will now be held every week on a regular basis.

Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA) placed virtual bank branches in a big fair, featuring 15 main banking service providers in Palestine during GMW2017

Real ATMs were installed, where children could test how to use a debit card. The virtual bank branches worked as follows:

• The branches worked for two days and approximately 7 hours a day.
• Apart from receiving general visitors at the branches, the Ministry of Education also organised visits for school students from all cities (600 students from the West Bank).
• Visitors received clear, simple and short descriptions about offered services. In the cinema section, they watched short films about saving, budgeting and E-Banking services.
• Visitors participated in a competition to win 100$ on their savings account in one of the 45 banks in Ramallah.
• Student visitors received paper notebooks.
• In addition, representatives from the Palestine Monetary Authority, the Association of Banks and Deposit Insurance Corporation explained to visitors the role, targets and services of each institution at special information desks.

As part of the GMW2017 celebrations, the Bank of Guatemala held the XLV Edition of the Festival of Economic-Financial Education on 27 – 31 March, with the participation of more than 10,600 students.

The festival was held as part of the educational projection of the Bank of Guatemala, with the support of the Ministry of Education, and has been carried out since 2008 in different parts of the country.

The activity included an educational tour, focused on the contents of the Libraries of Banco de Guatemala, whose presentations were engaged in interactive stations, that explain financial content to the children in a simple and enjoyable way. The Superintendence Bank, the Banking Association of Guatemala, National Mortgage Credit, Workers’ Bank, BACCredomatic, Consumer Assistance and Assistance Directorate, as well as Azteca Foundation, with their interactive and educational games and materials, contributed to the success of the activity. In addition, the Bank of Guatemala presented a puppet show, explaining to children what the Bank of Guatemala is, its functions and the importance of saving.


Annual Credit Fair in Bolivia, GMW2016

The Banking Association of Bolivia, in partnership with 11 of its member institutions, developed a series of activities for the celebration of GMW in Bolivia. The GMW celebrations in Bolivia were framed by the celebration of the annual Credit Fair, which was organised by the Banking Association of Bolivia (ASOBAN). An example of activities includes an interactive stand, in which participants had the opportunity to learn basic concepts of personal finance and acquired relevant skills to use while doing their financial planning. The stand placed particular importance on “goal setting” with respect to the process of financial planning, and also focused on how different products and services within the financial system can be of great help to achieve those goals.

During the fair, participants traveled the established route to learn about credit, how credit can play an important role in developing one’s personal finances, how to use credit and the security measures that need to be taken into consideration when using credit. By the end of the route, the youth were able to learn more about their personal finances and other financial instruments by enjoying a guided visit to the website, an online platform for financial education sponsored by the Banking Association of Bolivia.


Student Trade Fair in Armenia allowed the youth to showcase their entrepreneurial skills during GMW2015

Civil society organisations in Armenia also actively participated in the Global Money Week. Junior Achievement Armenia held a Student Trade Fair on 9 March in Gymri, the second biggest city of Armenia. During the fair, 12 student companies presented their products to potential consumers. The products included hand-made jewelry, scarfs, dried fruit, candles, purses and gift bags. The Student Trade Fair is an educational activity which allows the students to showcase their economic and financial knowledge and to demonstrate the entrepreneurial skills which they acquired during their studies.


GMW2014 Financial Fair organised by the Central Bank of Suriname makes available a diversity of financial information for local children

The Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS) organised a Global Money Week Fair this year. They invited all commercial Banks to set up a booth and offer financial information to kids and youth in a creative way. At the opening of the fair there was a round table discussion where kids and youth were able to ask questions to the several bank directors and governor in attendance. In addition, different activities and workshops took place. Primary school pupils were treated to market simulations, memory games, and a money counting competition; high school students played a ‘Money detective’ game, and took part in a financial quiz.


GMW2014 Young Ghanaians learnt about saving during interactive platform for GMW2013

More than 8 000 children and youth were involved in the week of celebration with four distinct events: the Youth Save Fair, the “Own Your Account” Exhibition, a Youth Debate and the Financial Advisory open day.

The Youth Save Fair was an interaction platform for students. It educated on financial matters especially on how, when, where and what to save. The fair was held in four selected schools in which students were involved in demonstrations, interviews, entertainments and talks.


Children and youth train their entrepreneurship skills and educate bystanders in Santa Tecla’s biggest park during GMW2013 in El Salvador

A public fair was organised to raise awareness on the importance of financial education and inclusion was held at the biggest park in Santa Tecla. The event attracted bystanders, who took the opportunity to learn about saving from the children themselves. Some youth groups prepared theater sketches, puppet shows, murals and were selling crafts and bead jewelry as part of their entrepreneurship training. For some of them, this was the first practical business experience they’d had. Government institutions involved in financial education were present with informational stands to raise the awareness about their services to the public.

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