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Plan Workshops & Lessons

Hold sessions to raise awareness on the importance of financial education amongst youth and other participants of GMW. Through these workshops you will help to empower young people, with practical skills involving money and livelihoods.

Examples could be: ‘how to open a bank account’, ‘how to manage money wisely’, ‘starting a business’, ‘applying for a job’, etc. Also, you can hold informative lessons on the financial products banks offer, and what they can mean for young people. Civil society organisations can help to publicize workshops and assist with hosting them in various regions or local areas.

Money management workshops tailored by Banque de France for French students during GMW2018

The Banque de France, in collaboration with Finances & Pédagogie, organised multiple workshops. The subjects of the workshops were as follows:

(1) “How to manage your budget?” workshop. The aim of this workshop was to help participants understand how to budget and understanding why budgeting is important by way of real-life budgeting examples; (2) “My first bank account” workshop. Participants discovered the usefulness of bank accounts as well as tips on how to use them properly. The main means of payment were introduced. Students learnt how to ll out a check and how to recognize the different security signs on euros banknotes; (3) “Selfie-posters” workshop. During this workshop, students were asked to reflect on the importance of savings and money matters by way of GMW posters. These posters, each greatly original, led to lively discussions on the place of money in our world and the need to understand its usefulness; (4) “My questions on money.” All students preview- tested a board game with questions adapted to their age. It is fun way of approaching money matters and developing knowledge on several themes (budget, means of payment, credit, insurance, purchases/ expenses). These one-hour game sessions were met with great enthusiasm.


Financial workshop day organised by El Gaith Association for GMW2018 in Algeria

Participating for the first time in Global Money Week, the El Gaith Association organised two financial education workshops for 50 students (aged 12 to 16) on 13 March. Six facilitators of the association supervised the workshops and spread the message through fun activities and by involving participants.

The first workshop, “Me, the Treasurer” was organised for the students to recognize the value and price of commercial products. Students were given a questionnaire on expenses and currencies. The children’s answers were discussed collectively at the end of the workshop, and facilitators gave them tips on how to save money. The second workshop, “Me, the Worker”, took place in the Animation Center for the Promotion of Citizenship for students to talk about creating livelihoods and the future job market. Each student played the role of the profession they wish to pursue.

Children and youth learnt a lot about how to create sustainable livelihoods and to manage their money in a pedagogical way adapted to their understanding. The participants enjoyed the day, especially since it was the first time they took part in these kinds of activities.


Pakistan National Rural Development Programme (NRDP) during GMW2017

About 205 workshops, seminars, discussions, sport events, art competitions and educational sessions were organised under the GMW 2017 theme “Learn.Save.Earn.” in different parts of the country, both in cities and rural areas, to educate and engage children and youth.

Through the celebration of GMW 2017 and the planned activities, the NRDP aimed to educate children and young people on the following areas:
• Their social and economic rights, banking and financial system, importance of savings, money, enterprise and its value to invest in their futures
• Saving habits and money management skills of children and youth
• Livelihood and entrepreneurial skills



Network for Education, Children, and Youth (NECY) in Sri Lanka organised lectures during GMW2017

Following the Aflatoun programme and method, NECY organised multiple classes and lectures that shared holistic economic citizenship development by imparting a mixture of both child social education and financial education. As well as sharing tips on money management, budgeting, saving, and the different financial products available, NECY also provided a strong focus on the social factors that affects children’s socio-economic decision making. In these lessons and games, NECY has provided an additional focus on child’s rights. These were highlighted by also introducing children to themes that cover their rights and responsibilities, their self-worth, self-confidence, and their roles in improving both themselves and their community. NECY’s programme also took an active role in promoting child social and financial education to disabled children and street children, as well as covering themes of socio-economic well-being related to natural resources and local values. In addition, GMW was used as a platform to celebrate the financial enterprises that children were able to establish, focusing on vegetable, recycling, and enterprise fairs that were established in the participating schools.


Children International promoting entrepreneurship during GMW2017 in Mexico

Children International Mexico took part in GMW 2017 by promoting an entrepreneurial attitude amongst young people, striving to cultivate self-confidence, determination and selfknowledge aimed at helping young people to learn basic entrepreneurial notions and to discover and develop their talents. This was achieved through trainings and workshops like “Taller de barro”, where children were encouraged to develop verbal and social capacities as a team and “Jugar a ser adulto”, where kids roleplayed as adults, imagining their ideal future jobs and professions.


World Vision Mozambique planned financial focused sessions during GMW2017

World Vision Mozambique has continued its participation in GMW since 2014, and it has since reached more than 90,000 children and youth through summits, drama and theatre activities. Sessions for financial education focused on teaching different ways of dealing with money and its importance within society. There was a brief presentation and practical demonstration of savings activities by adult and adolescent savings groups, followed by question and answer sessions between group members. These Q&A sessions were very interactive and gave a clear perspective of Savings Groups to the participants as well as the importance of saving within ones’ life. There were trainings for foster parents, held by FDM, regarding financial education.


Financial management workshop organised to empower the youth in Bosnia & Herzegovina during GMW2016

The Association for Responsible Personal Finance Management “Plus” organised an educational workshop on the topics of financial literacy for youth in Sarajevo, in cooperation with Association of Secondary School Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Banks Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The workshop aimed to empower youngsters to efficiently manage their personal finances, thereby preventing them from falling into financial difficulties. They talked about the importance of personal finance and domestic budget and about how they can save their money for their future. The younger participants were also presented with the best techniques for analysing their financial “health.” All participants received a manual for personal financial management, a table for domestic budget, a cap with the Global Money Week logo and a certificate of participation.


How Allianz Indonesia helped students from low-income families through in-depth financial planning workshop during GMW2014

High school students from low income families received an in-depth financial planning workshop hosted by Allianz Indonesia. The exercises included real life role play such as how to plan to buy a motorcycle in the future, how much income can be collected within a year and what to purchase when owning a motorcycle. The students acted as fresh graduate employees with expenses to pay. They created booths to represent each expenditure, for instance; motor insurance, One-stop Administration Services for driving license, gas station, motorbike dealer, malls and such for the students to shop and find out how much each expense will cost. The exercises highlighted the value of financial planning before buying goods and taught the students how to use alternative and simple types of payment methods (saving & installment). These payment methods advantages and disadvantages were debated in detail.


How Ethiopian institutions created a finance workshop specifically tailored for the country's needs during GMW2013

A training was held during Global Money Week, which aimed to create awareness of financial literacy and the advantages of following a systematic method of financial planning for a better tomorrow. The training focused particularly on issues of budgeting, managing money, financial services, financial negotiations, earning money and financial education for youth. Participants were able to adapt the presented modules to their local context – specifically the youth module was adapted to financial education for youth who are HIV positive, for girls, food-insecure HHDs, and young SME operators. The training resulted in creating a platform for participants for discussions on financial educational initiatives.

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