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Research Projects

Give youth research projects about ‘Money history’, ‘Different currencies in the world’, etc. Not only can students learn, but they can go an explore money museums and libraries!


Research project was organised for the youth in Guatemala during GMW2018

The Third Student Competition for Research on Financial and Economic themes was held in several educational establishments in Guatemala City. The topic was “The Importance of Family Remittances in the Guatemalan Economy.” Its objective was to processes in everyday life. It also had the goal of helping students learn to make better economic decisions as well as to expand their knowledge of the Central Bank and other institutions participating in Guatemala’s economic and financial activities.


Youth researched on topic of ‘Why is it good for an economy to grow?’ during GMW2017 in Guatemala

As a special GMW2017 event, the contest “Segundo Concurso Estudiantil de Investigación sobre Temas Económico-Financieros” (Student Contest on Research about Economic and Financial Issues) was conducted, for public school students in the capital city of Guatemala. The main topic of the contest was: Why is it good for an economy to grow?


Participants conducted research on finance in Kyrgyzstan during GMW2017

This year, many competitions were organised for GMW in Kyrgyzstan which encouraged the teachers of Bishek, Osh, and Chuyskaya, Talasskaya and Narynskaya regions to teach classes on financial literacy. All competitions had both stimulating and highly multipliable effects. For instance, according to some participants of the paintings competition, in the process of making art they had to do some research about finance. The participants got their parents involved in the meantime, and the parents were also very interested in the newfound information.


During GMW2017 the students of Brunei Darussalam were encouraged to research ways and information on managing money and better saving habits

In celebrating GMW2017, various activities pertinent to the theme of ‘Learn. Save.Earn.’ were organised in Brunei Darussalam. For example, a 1-minute Instagram video competition was opened to the public ranging from 12 to 24 years old. The participants were given the opportunity to produce a video related to the theme. Participants were encouraged to research ways and information on managing money and better saving habits. At the end of the competition they had the opportunity to share the knowledge they gained, with others through the videos they made. Also, the Basic Financial Planning Competition took place and required teams of students, with the help of assigned mentors, to prepare a financial plan based on the financial scenario given to them.


Egyptian students participated in financial research competitions during GMW2017

Several activities were organised in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The Egyptian Stock Exchange Simulation Game was organised across the 27 governorates, including educational booths, financial research competitions, and contests. Also, a short essay competition as well as an academic research competition on saving, budgeting and entrepreneurship took place with participation of the 27 governorates during the entire month of March.


Conference on Bring the Idea Into Action” for youth included a resreach project during GMW2016 in Estonia

On 16 March, in Lääne-Viru College of Applied Sciences, the conference “Bring the Idea Into Action” took place for the 14th time. The main purpose of the conference was to offer to the local young people, including various scholars, interesting and thought-provoking presentations from the field of entrepreneurship, business ideas and project work.

After the presentations, students of vocational or higher studies participated in contests were set up in three research categories: business ideas, business plans and business projects. During the closing ceremony, six business ideas, four business plans and four projects were presented.

The first and the most uncomplicated research category is the category of ideas relating to business or social entrepreneurship ideas, which do not concentrate on profitability but on finding a solution to the social problems.

The second category is to find business plans, which expect deeper market research, market analysis and financial prognosis to be involved.

The third category of the contest is for the research of projects accomplished in the social-life field or designed for implementation in it.


Armenian students conducted marketing research during GMW2015

On 9 March, Junior Achievement of Armenia organised a Student Trade Fair with over 200 participants. The trainers taught the students the basics of free market and citizenship education. The students were then asked to use their recently acquired knowledge to form student business companies, conduct marketing research, sell stocks to raise money and market their products and services. An important part of the programme focused on team building and writing business plans. The students also learnt about corporate social responsibility.


During GMW2013 in China the students were given valuable research-group activities

Research-group activities were organised where children could understand the usage of money through comparison of prices of the same stationery in different outlets such as markets and stationery shops. Children could also learn how to manage money in everyday life by learning strategies on bargaining and negotiation of prices.

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