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TV or Radio Talk Shows

Youth and high-level representatives can hold interviews on live TV or radio shows about the importance of financial education. Help to raise awareness about GMW and its goal!


In Bangladesh, thousands of young people were reached through radio broadcast during GMW2018

Radio Media made a formal announcement for GMW2018, reaching a few hundred thousand young listeners. Through the media the Daffodil International University (DIU) covered 8 districts indirectly. By livestreaming policy dialogue on Facebook, the DIU was able to reach audiences far and wide. That year, leaders from different organisations had participated and hearing their opinion was really fruitful. Furthermore, a Master class on Money Matters Matter, given by Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, was seen by two to three hundred thousand young people, as it was broadcasted by Campus TV.


In Suriname a number of interviews regarding GMW2018 were given on radio, TV and newspapers

Before GMW2018, the Central Bank of Suriname distributed a press release to all media companies in Suriname. On the second day, the media covered the activities of GMW as headline news. Interviews were given on radio, TV and newspapers for further explanation on the aim of GMW. A popular youth news television programme “10 Minuten Jeugd Journaal” also provided coverage on GMW. Furthermore, the coordinator of GMW2018 in Suriname and a commission member were interviewed for a television talk show, namely Panorama.


The Netherlands broadcasted an educative TV-programme for kids during GMW2018

The new Minister of Finance, Wopke Hoekstra, gave a press conference directed towards pupils throughout the Netherlands. A TV-programme for kids between 8-12 years old was broadcasted every day. The programme, named ‘De Grote Geldshow’ (The Big Moneyshow), introduced the 4 ‘money-types’ and pointed out the different qualities and behaviour that go with these money types. The theme of this year’s Week van het Geld was: ‘When are you rich?’. This theme was chosen to stimulate conversations about money between children and their parents, their teachers, and their classmates. The message is to let kids and their parents and teachers think about issues regarding ‘being’ rich and ‘feeling’ rich.


Reserve Bank of Malawi promoted financial education through radio, TV and newspapers during GMW2017

Leading the promotion of financial literacy, Reserve Bank of Malawi, the central bank of the country joined in the GMW2017 celebrations with an active awareness-raising campaign using radio, television, local newspapers and other media outlets to promote the objectives of the Week. Topics such as the importance of savings for youth, as well as awareness of basic nance and banking products were the main focus points of the campaign in Malawi.


The speech of the Minister of Finance in Zambia was featured on TV during GMW2017

Zambia launched its GMW Campaign on Sunday 26th March 2017, through a televised address by the Minister of Finance, Hon. Felix Mutati, MP. The Minister’s speech was a call to action to all citizens to get involved and utilize the week to acquire valuable skills and knowledge in line with their personal financial management. The Minister further called on the financial sector to utilize the week by engaging the public irrespective of age, creed, socioeconomic status or gender.


Icelandic National Broadcasting Service produced a daily segment on money matters during GMW2016

The Children’s Department of the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RÚV) produced a daily segment throughout the Week on issues related to children and money, and interviewed the Governor of the Central Bank about the interest rate decision of the country on 16 March, where he explained the decision to the children.


The interview with 11-year old financial literacy trainer was broadcasted in Uganda during GMW2015

Ugandans and the Child and Youth Finance International network were thrilled by the broadcast of a television interview with 11-year-old financial literacy trainer, Benjamin Bagyema, in the Everyday Life programme. While Benjamin is a normal child who plays and goes to school like any other, he understands the value of money, the importance of saving and investing. In fact, he actually makes money from teaching his peers about these values. During the broadcast, he shared his knowledge of finance with viewers.


The Bank of Papua New Guinea’s Governor spoke on NBC’s National Radio during GMW2014

The Bank of Papua New Guinea’s Governor also led a series of talks about the National Youth Savings Campaign and financial inclusion in general on NBC’s National Radio. He was joined by panel members comprising of managers and CEOs of commercial banks, Microbanks and Savings & Loan Societies. During these talks the panel members discussed various savings products offered by their institutions.  


TV channel entirely devoted to financial education was launched in Brazil during GMW2014

Remarkable moves were made in this social development area with the first Brazilian (or even global) television channel entirely devoted to financial education launched during this year’s Global Money Week. The channel is dedicated to personal finance, financial education for children, youths and adults, retirement planning, sustainable finance and related topics and will to be broadcasted all over Brazil.


In Ghana, members of the Camfed network held radio programme devoted to financial literacy during GMW2014

In the spirit of GMW, members of the Camfed network presented a financial literacy radio programme on Zaa Radio. The programme is estimated to have had a reach of over one million people. They discussed a variety of topics live on air, including budgeting, how to earn money, savings, and preventing the phenomenon of ‘kayayo’ (young women who leave their communities to become porters in urban centers, which increases their vulnerability to exploitation and abuse), and how financial literacy directly affects women’s rights. It’s a show directed at young women but the radio programme has a much wider variety of listeners.

Quotes from listeners and callers of the Camfed Radio programme:

The knowledge that I gained from your programme has helped me a lot as an entrepreneur. I especially appreciate the lesson that as a business woman you need to pay yourself - I didnt know this... But now, thanks to you girls I will treat myself better and grow my business.

“After my family listened to the programme I have seen a lot of changes in [my father’s] attitude towards the bringing up of my sisters, and his involvement of my mother in decision making.


The Central Bank Governor in Latvia spoke on radio during GMW2013

The Central Bank Governor joined children and youth on a radio show to answer their questions and explain to them how the Central Bank works.


TV and radio interviews were held in Zambia during GMW2013

Part of the Bank of Zambia’s Financial Literacy Week, Sabirul gave a TV interview on ZNBC & a radio interview promoting the positive effects of knowing how to manage your money, borrow responsibly and financial inclusion.

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