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Visits to Local Businesses

GMW is a great opportunity for students to get to know the world of work.

Student groups can visit local businesses, their branches or head office to learn about how different departments work, the kind of jobs employees do, which skills are needed, and how a business works. These visits are a great opportunity for youth to learn lessons about creating livelihoods and getting entrepreneurship tips.

PayPal and Netflix co-host event for students in Amsterdam during GMW2018

PayPal and Netflix joined forces and co-hosted a Global Money Week event at PayPal’s office in Amsterdam. The Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI) team and PayPal’s General Manager for Benelux & Ireland Jan-Willem Roest and Konstantin Surkov, the Global Payments Manager at Netflix welcomed 30 students from the Berlage Lyceum. The teams prepared different workshops for the classes. Divided into different groups, the students participated in 3 sessions on (1) e-sports, (2) Netflix & PayPal experience, and (3) online shopping. At the end of the event, a quiz with prices was held for the students to test their knowledge of what they had learnt. This valuable visit to PayPal’s office was a great experience for the students to learn about the systems and process at PayPal and Netflix, as well as gain a better understanding of the different careers.


Rwandan technology innovation hub kLab welcomed students during GMW2018

A training workshop was organised at kLab, where participants worked in groups to brainstorm on the most pressing societal challenges and created technologically innovative solutions to solve them.


Zipline International Inc, drone delivery system company, welcomes students in Rwanda during GMW2018

A business visit was also conducted where participants visited Zipline International Inc, to learn about how different departments work, what skills are needed to create livelihoods, entrepreneurship tips, and what it takes to be a good employer and employee.


PayPal Amsterdam Team Welcomed Students at their Office during GMW2017

PayPal opened their Amsterdam office to 30 students from the Hermann Wesselink College for a full day of trainings and sessions led by the PayPal team. The aim was to inspire, enable, include and educate today’s youth. These 30 students had a great opportunity to learn about the company, payments, tech and of course the roles and careers of employees. The students were welcomed by PayPal’s Country Manager. After that the students joined for three rounds on different subjects. Inspirational and personal sessions about study and career choices. Tech sessions about online and international payment flows. General sessions about the history and development of money. And last but not least an office tour, knowledge game, ping-pong and fun. This interactive visit gave students the opportunity to gain valuable insights into how the company works, and how different roles and functions work together within PayPal.


Students visited Business Incubator Burgas in Bulgaria GMW2017

Integra Bulgaria Association, together with its partners, also continues to actively support the Week, reaching 250 children and youth through visits to Business Incubator Burgas and a meeting with the staff to present the BIB activities in front of students, a brainstorming game for creating the vision and saving plan for social entrepreneurship, a 30-second video challenge called: “I am, I dream, I will become.”


Students visited PwC and Rwandair offices during GMW2016

AIESEC Rwanda organised student visits to PwC and Rwandair to also show the corporate side of the business world.


Deloitte organises a visit to Dutch markets where student could apply their financial skills during GMW2016

Primary school children from across the Netherlands successfully passed the National Money Exam by Deloitte. Students from grades 7 and 8 from the Tourmaline primary school in Rotterdam took the knowledge they gained immediately into practice in the Market Hall in Rotterdam on 17th of March. Together with Deloitte employees, the students rated offers, sold fruit and vegetables at a real market stall and purchased their own, most affordable and most delicious lunches.


Burberry Amsterdam Welcomed Students At Their Store during GMW2016 and GMW2015

During GMW2016 and 2015, the Burberry Amsterdam team welcomed more than 25 students from a local school to their store. The event started off with a quiz about various celebrities’ first jobs to inspire young people and show them that every successful career starts somewhere. Then students were asked to form six groups. Each group had to visit six stops throughout the four floor store. In each stop there were dedicated members of the Burberry team who enthusiastically introduced their work, told a personal story of their career path and answered all the questions the youngsters had. Each stop students learnt about different store sections and functions e.g 1) stockroom inventory management, 2) makeup and beauty overview, 3) menswear with knowledge of textile materials, 4) womenswear with an example of their signature product, 5) visual merchandising, and 6) technology. This engaging and interactive approach by the Burberry Amsterdam team made it very exciting and fun for the students!. It gave them an opportunity to learn about a global brand and gain a better understanding of the world of work.


Tommy Hilfiger’s Global Head Office in Amsterdam Welcomed Students during GMW2015

More than 20 students from the Berlage Lyceum visited Tommy Hilfiger’s global head office in Amsterdam. Students were given a unique opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship, receive real-life work experience and be inspired to dream big. The event was a collaboration between TommyCares and Child & Youth Finance International. The Director of TommyCares shared insights into his own choices regarding his education and career followed by the story of Tommy Hilfiger’s first entrepreneurial venture. Inspiring Dutch celebrity youth entrepreneur, Jip (18), enthusiastically shared how he started his first charity “Jips Goede Doelen” at age 9 followed by his second profitable venture Brandsfit (formerly JM SportsCompany). Students had a chance to interact with the speakers and ask questions.


Dutch pop and jazz singer talks to Amsterdam youth about the music industry and entrepreneurship during GMW2015

International recording artist Caro Emerald spoke with students at IVKO college in Amsterdam about entrepreneurship, the music business, and money. Students and fans were given the opportunity to send in questions on why she decided to start her own label, what entrepreneurship skills she thinks are needed and how much saving has helped her in advancing her career. The school was even treated to a short performance of two of her most popular songs.


Puerto Rican entrepreneurs inspire the youth with their stories during GMW2015

Manual Cidre and other leading entrepreneurs shared their business stories motivating many of the young participants. Many of the stories shared the commonality of starting young, helping with the family business, later developing into enterprise businesses. Youth were inspired by the possibility of creating brighter futures for themselves and their families. A small business owner in Vieques also shared her story with children and youth. Students enjoyed the opportunity to learn about how a bank functions and the types of services provided by banks to businesses and individuals.

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