gmw2019 visitparliaments

Visits to Parliaments

Organizing youth visits to government departments, e.g. the Ministry of Finance or the Ministry of Education, and including them in activities such as participatory budgeting fosters understanding of how policies are made, and the impact these decisions have. These visits help youth to have a better understanding of how parliaments work, as well as why and how policy decisions are made.

Visit to the National Parliament of the Democratic Republic of Congo took place in GMW2017

During GMW2017, APPEC-Education, a professional association which deals with financial education and youth entrepreneurship issues, in collaboration with the Central Bank of Congo and other partners, organized several activities, (including a visit to the National Parliament of the Democratic Republic of Congo), ultimately reaching 34.800 young people and children. Young people had the opportunity to discuss matters related to the budget with the deputies, most notably the leaders of the Committee of Economy and Finance. In March, the new parliament in DRC opened to mainly deal with budget related manners.