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Visits to Schools & Universities

Not only should students visit different organizations and institutions, but bank, businesses and parliament employees can visit schools and universities as well. It would be great idea to hold workshops and sessions for youth!

Don’t know what to plan during the visit to schools? See ‘GMW Teaching Materials’ at ‘Resources’ section.

Microsoft Cyprus Team Visited the MIC European University in Nicosia during GMW2015

On 16 March, Microsoft Cyprus hosted the first Global Money Week initiative in Cyprus. Held at the MIC European University in Nicosia, 40 students from the American International School Cyprus (AISC) and 40 students from the Grammar School were invited to attend a presentation organized by Microsoft Cyprus on how to become responsible and skilled economic citizens.

Following a welcome by the General Manager of Microsoft Cyprus, speakers from various departments gave inspiring talks introducing their jobs, describing their chosen career paths and giving tips on the importance of financial knowledge. Also, Microsoft’s Interns from Marketing and Communications and Sales, Marketing and Services Group Departments, gave presentations about their experiences focusing on the Day in the Lives of Interns at Microsoft. The sessions were rounded up by questions from students.

In addition, each student was given special gifts courtesy of Microsoft which included power banks, notebooks, pens and GMW T-shirts. The two schools also received smart phones to give away to their top students.

Other ideas that schools can plan:

How Denmark involved schools during GMW2017

GMW2017 was an opportunity for the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Danish Association for Mathematics Teachers to increase children and young people’s financial literacy and spread awareness about good financial habits.

During the Week, sessions on financial literacy, how to budget and save up and generally take care of personal finances were offered across schools in Denmark. The Danish Association for Mathematics Teachers developed new materials for the Week, which were delivered to schools across the country. This ensured that Danish teachers had knowledge of financial literacy and are well-equipped to teach children and young people about finances.

Furthermore, the educational sessions were supplemented with seminars delivered by guest lecturers from local Danish banks. The guest lecturers started comprehensive dialogues with pupils to inform them about effective ways to manage their personal finances, how to avoid debt and how to develop good habits when it comes to handling money.

Fiji distributed financial literacy materials during GMW2017

In Fiji, GMW2017 activities included the distribution of financial literacy materials, and classroom sessions about money management, making better decisions between on spending choices, always taking into consideration the future, and fostering the habit of saving. Representatives from the Reserve Bank of Fiji have shared that the experience has been overwhelmingly positive for kids.

Throughout GMW2017, the Financial Education Foundation, along with partners, reached 700 children and youth through visits to 10 schools in Italy.

Financial literacy awareness sessions were offered for children and youth (aged 12-18), which included sessions on financial markets and saving management, entrepreneurship, planning and budgeting as well as electronic payment tools.

Germany raised awareness about financial literacy in GMW2017

Throughout the week different types of sessions were offered to children to raise awareness on the topic of financial literacy and the importance of learning about money management at a young age. The topics discussed with the students varied from spending wisely, planning with money to being able to save. In addition, high-level teacher trainings took place where teachers discussed finance, behavioral finance and how important it is to be financially savvy.