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Visits to Banks and Other Financial Institutions

Student groups can visit bank branches or headquarters, to get to know more about how banks work and what they do.


National and commercials banks in Moldova organised presentations and games to teach the youth about finance during GMW2018

The National Bank of Moldova (NBM) celebrated Global Money Week over two weeks, instead of one, due to the number of requests from educational literacy presentations, with topics such as money history and security of coins and banknotes. Furthermore, they played an interactive game, “How to become a Billionaire.” The older participants received presentations on topics such as money visited the NBM Museum. The presentations were offered in both Romanian and Russian.

Many commercial banks participated as well, organising Open Door Days and lectures in schools. Each bank explained how commercial banks work, what products and services they offer, how to plan and manage money effectively, and the importance of money management. In addition to the lectures, children were taught how to withdraw money with a card. Because of these activities, children learnt new skills, acknowledged the importance of responsible money usage, and how saving money can help them achieve their future goals.


Opportunity International Bank of Malawi (OIBM) during GMW2017

OIBM hosted fun and educational activities like quizzes, dances and financial literacy meetings, as well as an account opening session for youngsters during GMW2017. The Bank focused attention on females to increase their participation in the formal financial sector and trained groups of women in Kabula on financial matters. Furthermore, students were delighted to see a bank official visiting their school and interacting with them on financial issues.

People’s Own Savings Bank hosted events to students in Zimbabwe during GMW2017

People’s Own Savings Bank hosted groups of students at their various branches for educational sessions to explain the day-to-day operations of a financial institution. The students had the unique opportunity to go around to each of the bank’s work stations and meet with the Senior Branch Manager for a final presentation and discussion.

“A Day at Bank Audi” in Lebanon as part of GMW2017

For the third year in a row and aiming to provide students with the necessary knowledge that enables them to save money, plan for their future and understand the way a bank works, Bank Audi hosted 11th grade students for “A Day at Bank Audi” which took place at Bank Audi. During these 6 days, approximately 500 students from 11 different schools and one NGO participated and attended presentations and activities.


Egyptian banks opened their doors to students during GMW2016

During GMW2019 university students had the opportunity to attend Financial Awareness session hosted in the bank branches where the sector heads of the bank explained the role of banks’ different sectors and how they serve the economy.

Banque Misr, Export Development Bank of Egypt and SAIB Bank and the Egyptian Stock Exchange opened their doors to children and youth tours during the week, during these tours children and youth where able to identify the role of the banks and the stock market in the economy as well as the different financial careers. Moreover, Banque Misr allowed students to visit the dealing room and Talaat Harb’s money museum.


Brunei Darussalam’s students learn about finance through multi bank visits for GMW2016

Visits to financial institutions were organised together with the Baiduri Bank, Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam, INsurans Islam Taib General Tafakul, and the Currency Gallery of the AMBD. During the visit to the banks, students got first-hand experience of what happens in a bank through the tour they took around the bank. Additional activities were also provided by the banks to further enhance the children’s knowledge. At the insurance company, students learnt about the basic concept of insurance through presentations and activities provided by the company. To complement their two visits, students also learnt about the history of currencies at the AMBD Currency Gallery, in addition to gaining a better understanding of one of the functions of a central bank. After the visits, students were asked to do group-writing to share their experience of the visit with other schools who did not have the opportunity to go for the visit.

Kuwait International Bank (KIB) in GMW2016

The Kuwait International Bank arranged a number of field visits to various schools, institutes, universities and civil society institutions to cultivate financial literacy and offered lectures and workshops to explain the importance of saving for future. In addition, some students were invited to a field trip to its head office, to an orientation tour of the head office’s financial hall and to a visit of its branches and call center.

Students visited banks and opened savings accounts in Togo during GMW2013

The theme of Global Money Week in Togo was “Financial Education and Entrepreneurship.” During the Week, activities were organised to give opportunities to children and young people to experience various aspects on financial education, access to financial services, and savings. This was accomplished by visits to banks and opening of new savings accounts. Accompanied by this was the introduction of a savings bank for children in order to develop saving culture as an essential skill.

The visit to banks was really appreciated by Headmasters in schools, and professional training centers. It widened the vision of young people about employment opportunities in banks. Children were amazed to discover video cameras in banks and get opportunities to talk to bank managers and other staff members; some of them entered a bank for the first time, opening a bank account and save on their personal saving account.

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